Starling – Fifth Week of Term 4

Dear Parents,

Greeting! We had a busy week of practising as well as decorating the Stage for our Indonesian Assembly next Wednesday in Kindy area. The Starlings will have three dance performances from Indonesia;  Yamko Rambe Yamko dance from Papua, Dayak dance from Kalimantan and Barong dance from Bali.

We are all very excited for the show and counting every day how many sleep left until the shows on.  Next Wednesday 22nd May – see you all here!

On Wednesday morning, we have sport class with Pak Garrett and Pak Putu. The Starling played Pacman, They needed to sit down when they got tagged and wait to get the high five from their friends to save them. They also enjoyed playing What the time Mr. Wolf and learned animal breathing of Rabbit and Dolphin breathing. On Thursday, We didn’t have P.W class but we had a new experience watching a BSSA cross country event as well as seeing the runners racing around the field.  Go Green School GO!!!!!!!

We sang some new songs with Pak Dan and Pak Brett and “Siapa lagi kalau bukan kita” is one of our songs during music class. Singing this lovely song also reminds us how to love and take care of mother earth. Siapa lagi kalau bukan kita “If not us, then who?”.

The children also enjoyed playing Freeze dance with “Yamko Rambe Yamko” song.

This is a lyrics of “Siapa lagi kalau bukan kita” song :

Siapa lagi kalau bukan kita 4 x

rentangkan tangan saling berpegang-berpegang 2 x

peluk gunung, dengarkan suara alam 2x

yang memanggil-memanggil 2x

siapa lagi kalau bukan kita 4 x

hutan-hutan yang tersiksa-tersiksa

sungai danau menjadi padang gersang

bangun-bangunlah bergegaslah

siapa lagi kalau bukan kita 4x

During reading buddies activities, Grade 1 students brought more exciting stories, such as “I need little help, Spoon, The magic pot, A cat in the tree, My scrapbook, We like summer, The odd egg, Elephant in rowboat, The big blue sea, The cold day, Violet’s house and Fred’s wish for fish. Might be your children retell one of this story at home!

Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and Three Bears stories were enjoyed by our class in Drama.  Lots of careful listening and enthusiasm for the traditional tales. We especially enjoyed role playing the different characters and re-telling the stories.

During Yoga Class with Ibu Sarah on Tuesday, the children learned how to do the wishing breath. They put one hand in front of their chest and took a deep breath while they were wishing a good wish. Then, the children practiced the yoga cards, such as tree pose, cobra, dancer, mountain, warrior 1, down dog and cat pose.  They were excited playing yoga dances and doing yoga poses based on the yoga cards. There are some rules when we play these games : We are not allowed to run, no touching each other, not stepping on the mat and when the music stops, we find a mat and do the yoga pose. That was so fun! and for the closing the children enjoyed the Shavana or relaxing time.

Pak Henri, Clarissa’s daddy came and visited us as mystery guest and read us a story “Cyril The Dragon” before we started our cooking class. Thank you Pak Henri for coming!

In cooking class, we had onions, eggs, flour and some seasoning for the ingredients and  slicing, mixing, dipping and fried are some of our activities. Could you guess what we made? Yes! we made Onion crisps, it was Crispy and yummy and the children and teachers loved it!

Save the date :

Indonesian Assembly : Next Wednesday, May 22nd. Please wear black or dark as the assembly costumes!

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Warm regards,

The Starling Team

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