Starling! Third Week of Term 4

Sustainable Solutions is an eco-festival produced and organized by Green School, gathering solution-makers aiming to connect, inspire, educate and empower our community to live more sustainably, NOW!



Dear Parents and Starling’ Families

Greeting! Our highlight of this week was Sustainable solutions and our theme of this year is Indigenous Wisdom and Indigenous Knowledge. On Thursday morning, the Starlings’ along with the whole community of Green School met together on the soccer field and performed a blessing circle which includes a Balinese blessing, a Dayak blessing to officially open the event of Sustainable Solutions.

After the Blessing ceremony, we enjoyed our sport class with Pak Garrett and Pak Putu. They prepared three stations for us, one station for jumping on the ladder rope and zigzag on the rope. Next station for playing tennis with the net wall and the third station, bouncing the ball with partners.  Very Physical!

Every Monday morning the Starlings having Reading buddies from grade 1. This week grade 1 came and brought interesting story books and read it outside in Pre-K playground. Some children enjoyed hearing the book whilst on the swing, some were on the top of the monkey bars and the rest of the children liked sitting on the bamboo slide. A healthy picture of our communities coming together for stories, conversations and happy interactions and lots and lots of language.

The Starlings started strengthening their arms, shoulders and their legs by doing practising dog pose in Yoga class. Some of the children were doing downward dog while the other creeping under the downward dog in a circle. Next, the Starlings practised a ‘partner boat pose’ with friends.

Try it with your child : Sit facing one another, Bend knees, Place feet together, Hold Hands outside of Knees, Lift Heart, Look up and Straighten Legs, Smile and have fun!

The Starlings made one of Indonesian cake called “Mutiara Cake” (Pearl Cake) during cooking class. Ibu Komang helped to mixed and cook all the ingredients, such as flour, coconut milk, brown sugar, salt and sago flour. This Sago flour have shapes like pearl so that’s way this cake is called Pearl cake. The Starlings put the dough in cute molds, such as dinosaur mold, heart, ship and crocodile.

Save the Date :

  1. Indonesian Assembly : Wednesday, May 22nd

  2. Saraswati : Saturday, May 11th

Thank you and Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Warm regards,

The Starlings Team

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