Starlings and the Sense of Hearing

The Starlings had a wonderful week at school exploring sounds as part of our current thematic unit on the five senses. We went on a “listening walk” on Monday morning to pay attention to the various sounds on our campus, and one of the highlights was finding the pigs and the piglets. Each morning during Morning Circle, the students and teachers sat together with our eyes closed to focus on sounds that are both near and far away.  We created telephones with partners from recycled materials and also made our own musical instruments. Next week, the Starlings will focus on the sense of smell.

The pigs have a lovely view

Closely observing the Mama pig and her piglets

Making coloured rice for our instruments

Today, Pak Alex and Pak Aris invited us to the Music Room for a very special Music Class to support our thematic unit. These amazing music teachers asked the children to lay down quietly and to listen to the sounds of the gongs and the bongo drums for a sound healing session. Afterwards, we shared how the music made us feel and also experimented with how sound vibrates and how we can feel some sounds. The last part of class was a freeze dance party. Thank you so much Pak Alex and Pak Aris for volunteering your time to share music with us. We had so much fun, and it was truly a unique experience.

Pak Alex on the gong

Sound healing session

Each week, we enjoy a wide variety of classes and activities. Here are some photos from the week, including Green Studies and Budaya Indonesia.

Exploring the gardens with Pak Brett

Green Studies class

Feeding lemongrass to the rabbits

Finding basil and mint

Ibu Suci teaching us about Indonesian culture

Story time with Ibu Ayu in the Library

Ibu Ria’s amazing puppet show in Indonesian class

Thank you very much for a lovely potluck breakfast party this week. It was great to see many of the Early Years families gathered together to celebrate the start of another school year. We hope you have a fantastic weekend, and we will see you soon. Thanks for your support! Please contact a classroom teacher if you would like to visit the class to be a Mystery Guest. Some suggestions for Mystery Guests include reading a story, telling a story, sharing a song, making a craft, or cooking class. Take care!

Warm wishes,

The Starlings Team

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