Starlings Explore the Sense of Sight

What a wonderful week! We are very grateful for all of the adventures and fun we had this week growing and learning together. It is amazing to see the new relationships being formed and the personalities emerging from our students. The entire school joined together on Monday afternoon for Mapinton, which is a Balinese blessing ceremony for our school and community. It is a powerful feeling to come together as a school and community and set an intention for a positive year ahead filled with respect, creativity, and love. Our students prepared for the ceremony by making their very own canang, which is a traditional flower offering. We visited the temple on campus and participated in the blessing ceremony as the day came to a close.

Our first thematic lesson of the year is entitled, “My Body and My Five Senses”. Each week, we will explore a different sense. This week we focused on sight and worked on several different visual projects. One example combined a mathematical lesson with the theme. We brought our crayons and paper outdoors and first sketched what we could see around us. On the opposite side of the paper, children coloured 5 circles with different colours and were then challenged to find objects in nature which matched the colours they selected. The students were very focused and engaged during this project. Well done!

This week we also enjoyed meeting all of our specialist teachers and having our first week of specialist lessons, where we focused on experiential learning. Our specialist schedule is subject to change but here is the current schedule:

Monday: Nature Walk (Starling teachers) and Music Class (Pak Brett)

Tuesday: BambaJam (Pak Duncan) and Green Studies (Pak Brett)

Wednesday: Cooking Class (Starling teachers), Yoga (Ibu Russlee) and Budaya Indonesia (Ibu Suci)

Thursday: Show and Tell and P.E. Class (Pak Bambang)

Friday: Library Visit (Ibu Ayu) and Assembly

We hope you can join us this Wednesday, August 24th, for the Early Years potluck breakfast party. Please bring a dish to share, and we will all meet in the morning at the picnic tables outside of our classroom. We will be joined by our neighbors, the Pre-K Geckos and Kindy. It is a great opportunity to meet new friends and to share a lovely meal together.

Thank you for your love and support.

Warm wishes,

The Starlings Team

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