Starlings – Fifth Week of Term 3

Dear Parents and Friends,

The Starlings had an extra special day this week and it was the full moon ceremony. Full moon ceremony is called “Purnama” in Bahasa Indonesia. Offerings are always a part of ceremonies in Bali so the students made kwangen offerings in the morning. Offerings usually consist of various kinds of flowers and can also contain fruit or snacks. In addition to flowers, there are also kojong (the cone), sampian (the fan), and porosan (betel nut leaves). Some of the Starlings said that the kwangen is shaped like an ice cream cone. The children were very excited about wearing kebaya, udeng, sash, and sarong for the ceremony at the temple on our campus.

Have you ever seen a shadow puppet show? What kind of puppets have you seen? Is it a modern or traditional puppet? Which one do you like the most? Why? Starting this week, the Starlings moved to new thematic unit with a focus on “Puppets and Shadows”. Ibu Krisna started to introduce the theme by performing a puppet show from a traditional story entitled “The Little Red Hen”. There were many characters, such as a hen, a cat, a dog and a mouse who were represented as puppets. Next, the Starlings had a project to make one of the puppet characters from the story, specifically the hen. They were busy coloring, cutting, gluing, and decorating their puppets. Some of the Starlings started acting out their own puppet show. It was amazing to see the Starlings role playing using puppets and telling stories. What a fun Literacy building activity. Well done, Starlings!

In Budaya Indonesia Class, Ibu Devi also discussed puppets, particularly a traditional puppet from Java. “Wayang” means puppet in Bahasa Indonesia. Ibu Devi introduced “Wayang Punakawan” which are leather puppet characters from Java. Wayang Punakawan consist of Semar (the father), Gareng (the first son), Petruk (the second son), and Bagong (the third son). The Starlings learned how to differentiate the characters by observing the characteristics that stand out from each other: Semar, the oldest one, Gareng, the snub-nose, Petruk, the pointy-nose, and Bagong, the biggest. One student said that Wayang Punakawan’s face looked like an Ogoh-ogoh. Do you think so?

Semar – Bagong – Petruk – Gareng

Becoming part of the Green School community means that you will never stop moving. All of the terrain that is here facilitates children to freely move their energy. This week, there were many activities that were very pleasant and enjoyable, even though tiring, like replanting the baby bamboo nursery to the teenager bamboo nursery in an area near the vortex. It was a long but unforgettable adventure!

Yes, the Starlings were still moving, especially in P.W. and Yoga classes. We hope they will never stop expanding their gross motor skills. So much fun!

Many challenging activities were introduced to the Starlings during their weekly session of Teman-teman with Grade 5 Putih. Can you see that? We are so glad to have them as our buddies!

In Music Class with Pak Dan, the children were very excited about singing the new song, “Purple Cow”. In this song, the Starlings not only sang but also learned about colors. The next activity was “Dance and Freeze” which will always be one of the favorites. The class ended by singing one of the Green School songs, “Living In Bali”.

The Starlings were very happy having Drama Class with Ibu Marvelina. We were pretending to be vehicles on a road. Ibu Marvelina gave instructions by mentioning the colors of a traffic light and the Starlings needed to follow the directions. Yellow means the Starlings should walk slow, Green means they might run but still be careful not to bump into other friends, and Red means stop. After that, the Starlings acted as if they were about to open a special gift. They did some movements to mimic how to rip off the wrapping paper and made facial expressions when they looked at the imaginary present.

Every afternoon, the Starlings have Story Time in the classroom. Each Monday, we go to the library to listen to a story from Ibu Ayu and to select new books for our own library. Accustomed to listening to various kinds of stories in many styles from a range of adults, a child ventured to read a story book in front of the other Starlings and it encouraged some Starlings to do the same. They develop their language skills and emergent reading skills through these activities, specifically by retelling stories according to what they remember or even making new stories based on the illustrations in the book.

The Starlings closed their week by making bakpia which is a traditional snack from Indonesia. This snack was super simple to make. The Starlings mixed all of the ingredients together, such as flour, sugar, butter, and water into a big bowl. They stirred with a spoon until the dough was smooth. They made the dough into balls and put the jam in as the filling. Usually bakpia is cooked with a flat frying pan, but we used an oven instead. The Starlings really liked the bakpia. Each Starling child ate two bakpia and still wanted more.

Upcoming dates to put in your calendars:

March 5 – Ogoh-ogoh Parade

March 6-8 School closed in observation of Nyepi, the Balinese New Year

March 22 – Student Led Conferences

Thank you for your support and attention. Stay healthy and have a very happy weekend everyone!

Best wishes,

The Starlings Team

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