Starlings – Ninth Week of Term 4 – Fun Field Trip

“Go, fly, roam, travel, voyage, explore, journey, discover, adventure.”

Dear families,

This week was an incredibly fantastic week for the Starlings. Starlings had their Field Trip on Thursday to the Secret Garden Village in Baturiti, Luwus. They had a remarkable experience making soap and painting money boxes. The Starlings were so excited to have this Field Trip because they really wanted to ride the Bio Bus together with their friends.

It was raining the whole day but it doesn’t interfere with our activities at all. Pak Aris was our guide, he led the Starlings adventures in Secret Garden Village. The Starlings started their adventure by visiting the Museum. In the Museum, the Starlings explored more uses of  lemongrass, betel leaf, and olive. Pak Aris explained to the Starlings what the benefits are and how best to process it. Lemongrass can be used for fragrances because it can provide a relaxing sensation. Lemongrass also can be processed for soup, lotion, perfume, and oil. Pak Aris showed the Starlings that betel leaf can be used to stop nosebleeds. The Starlings tried the olive oil and mosquito repellent oil too in the Museum.

Next, the Starlings went to the soup factory. All the Starlings and the teachers needed to put all of our belongings into a locker. Even the teachers were not allowed to bring phones as the factory needed to be sterile, so we didn’t take any photo’s in the factory. To get inside the factory, the Starlings and the teachers wore white clothes, masks, head covers, and shoe covers.  We really looked like scientists! In the factory, each Starlings got one tray containing tweezers, spatula, cupcake soap base, gloves, and a card. The factory team started to explain the process of how to make the soap. The factory team used olive oil as a base for making soap, they mixed it with sweet berry essence for the fragrance and distilled water using big mixer for 5-10 minutes. After that, the factory team put the soup into some plastics to be shared to all Starlings. And the Starlings turn was coming, they started to decorate their cupcakes by pressing the soap from inside the plastics. The Starlings may put sparkle and another tiny shapes decoration. The last, the Starlings needed to put their soap into freezer for 45 minutes. The soup will be ready to use at least 3 days after making. So, please wait until Monday to use your soap for shower. It was finished, the Starlings continued the walk through the factory, they saw the activities inside. How to make the solution, fill to the bottles, the printing process, and the stamping process. Thank you Secret Garden Village, we had a very extraordinary session in factory!

The Starlings watched ‘Lemongrass’ movie in the theater.

Moving on to the next activity – The Starlings walked through the long bridge and arrived to Mecanda, where we painted the money boxes. The Starlings got mommy hen bank! Time to paint. Look at their mommy hen transformations. So beautiful, right?

It was super amazing experience! Thank you Secret Garden Village! The Starlings were so happy! Yeey!

The other highlight of the week was the transition session to Kindy. They had a play-date! The Starlings visited the Kindy classroom and did a performance with Pak Brett singing ‘Sandwich’ song.  Ibu Jo and Ibu Pipit shared some of the regular Kindy activities including “swap time”, it means that the teachers have the privilege to swap some children seats. Ibu Jo told the Starlings that Kindy always changes their classroom furniture arrangement, so to not be surprised if you see different areas created during each week.  Kindy friends helped the teachers by showing the Starlings around. They explored the reading corner, the costume area, the kitchen, the toilet, the cubbies, the place where they need to put their shoes, the eating area, the playground, etc.

The Starlings were making the paper sandwich props for the performance.

Yoga Class

Let’s stretch our body together! Ibu Sarah invited the Starling to do yoga poses in pairs. She used pink cards containing various kinds of poses and the Starlings had to do those poses alternately. Ibu Sarah combined that activity with the musical game, when the music on the Starlings had to dance and when the music stopped they had to choose one card and do the pose. Furthermore, Ibu Sarah took the card one by one, so there were more than two Starlings in one card and they had to do the pose together even till 5 kids. What a challenge!

P.W Class

The Starlings were always excited as they played stations with Pak Garrett and Pak Putu Joni.

Cooking Class

The Starlings made Rujak Bali (Balinese fruit salad) in Cooking Class. The Starlings helped the teachers to cut pineapple, yoke, cucumbers, melon, starfruit and Balinese orange using knife and chopping boards. The sauce was made by Balinese sugar, tamarind, salt, and mix them all with water.

Thank you so much for your attention. So many agenda for the last week of school. Please take care of all the families since lately the weather was always windy. Happy weekend!

Important Dates

Full Moon Ceremony – 17 June – Please pack a sarong and sash for your child if they have Balinese ceremony clothes. We will keep the ceremony clothes to the classroom for Kindergarten Graduation on the next day.

Kindergarten Graduation – 18 June – The children all come to school in ceremony clothes for this at 8.45 am. They should have an outfit to change into for afterwards. The Graduation itself will start at 9 am.

Mud Pit Fun– 19 June – We will be going in the mud pit. You are welcome to come and join us. Going in the mud together is something of a special experience and should be a wonderful way to celebrate our Starlings community. If you are free to join us, please do. Don’t forget to pack an extra change of clothes and a towel for yourselves, as well as the children, and be prepared that all that you wear in the mud may never be quite the same again as the fine brown clay can be hard to get completely out.  Swimming goggles to avoid splashes are an optional extra 🙂 Also, sunscreen is optional due this activity will carry out during the day. If you want to join us in the mud, please meet us down by the sawah (rice paddy) near the water temple by the bridge at 11.00, we hope to see lots of you in the water!

Pajamas Day – 20 June – We will have Pajama Day, please pack pajamas or sleep wear for the children. No problem if your child does not want to wear pajamas, it’s completely optional.

Last Day of School–  21 June

Warm wishes,

The Starlings Team


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