Starlings – Seventh Week of Term 2

Banana banana itu pisang

Strawberry Strawberry itu stroberi

Pineapple pineapple itu nanas

Jeruk is orange

Mangga is mango e e 

Mangga is mango

Do you know that song? That was our Early Years Indonesian Assembly original song entitled “Buah-buahan”. We would like to say thank you to all of you who were able to come for the Early Years Indonesian Assembly and supported the Starlings for their big performance. Thank you so much dear parents and congratulations Starlings! You were so brave! Amazing! We all agreed that their performance in the “Pisang Kuning” (The Yellow Banana) drama was wonderful. The drama told the story of a yellow banana that fell and was sad because she was separated from her family. So, the banana had the idea to ask all of her friends (orange-jeruk, pineapple-nanas, strawberry-stroberi, and mango-mangga) to help her get back up the tree. Pisang was Dayitha, Dorvesh and Sage as Jeruk, Bimbim and Tory as Nanas, Chihiro as Stroberi, and Mosey and Dylen as Mango. All the Starlings were wearing handmade costumes. They got the materials from KemBali and Ibu Komang helped to transform them into amazing costumes for the big show. Ibu Krisna wrote that story all by herself! Ibu Komang made most of the costumes and Ibu Devi helped direct the show. It was great teamwork.

The Starlings team made something sweet this week in Cooking Class. They made “Ketan Jagung Urap” or Corn Sticky Rice. It was not easy to make this food. The Starlings had to pick out the corn kernels one by one using their fingers. It took precision and patience to do it. They also chopped the palm sugar and grated the coconut. Some students preferred to eat the corn, sticky rice, and coconut without the palm sugar.

The Starlings had so much fun exploring movements in Yoga Class with Ibu Cherry. It was all about balancing. First, the students started with games using a small ball. They sat together in a circle and Ibu Cherry had the ball in between her feet. Without using her hands, she passed the ball with her toes to the child next to her and so on until back to Ibu Cherry. After that, the Starlings suggested new movement ideas about how to pass the ball. As you can see, the children tried to pass the ball using their elbows. For another challenge, Ibu Cherry gave each of the students a feather and asked them to blow it without touching it, to bring more awareness to the breath and encourage deep breathing. Next, the Starlings did balance movements with the feathers. Ibu Cherry demonstrated froggy pose and put the feather on her head and tried to stand up and go back down to a squat without making the feather fall and without using hands. O0oh… you need to move very slowly and steadily to make it stay on your head. The children could also make their own movements with the feather, such as laying down and lifting both legs up and also putting the feather on one foot and laying down by bending the knees and putting the feather on the knees. It was so tricky but we enjoyed it so much. You can try it at home over the holidays. All you need is a small ball and a feather and you can try anything. We also used another prop, which is a wooden yoga block, to help us try a variety of poses, including standing balancing poses, especially Half Moon Pose and Mountain Pose.  Look how balanced they were!

The Starlings were ready to start the P.W. Class in the Gym when a small earthquake came. Don’t worry, all the Starlings and teachers were safe and sound. Pak Garrett decided to play the Pirate games on the soccer field. “To the shore, to the nest,”…. those were the orders. The next game was called “Hungry Hippo”. The Starlings had to take the ball from a big circle to be brought to their own nest one by one as fast as they could. Run run run!

It has been a long time we had a formal Teman-Teman visit, but this week, we had Teman-Teman with some High School friends and Pak Dan, the Science Teacher for High School. They read us story books in our reading corner. One of our Starlings had an idea to play stickers and another played toys with Pak Dan. Our new older friends also joined our Goodbye Circle. All of them said that they were grateful to have play time with us on that day. Thank you High School friends and Pak Dan!

This week we were so busy making new friends and going to new places. Not only High School friends had special time with us, but also Grade 2 and Grade 6. The Starlings went to the Drama Studio to watch the Grade 2 Merah performances. The shows were about clever “Kancil” or “Mouse Deer” and how Kancil fooled the crocodiles and farmers. Beautiful performances Grade 2! Thank you for inviting us to be your audience!

Grade 6 came to our class to share their own original story books that they wrote and illustrated. Their stories and drawings were so amazing! The Starlings and the Geckos really enjoyed listening to their books and meeting more new people.

The Starlings hosted a Mystery Guest today. He was a special guest who has an expertise with snakes. The Starlings had snake class with the Snake Man, Pak Ron Rilley. He brought his beautiful and tame snakes to class, non-venomous of course. He taught us what we should do if we see snakes. First rule is DO NOT TOUCH! Yes, never touch the snake because it might bite you. It’s not only you who are afraid, but also snakes can be afraid of us too since we look like giants compared to them. What you have to do next is walk quietly away and seek help. Snakes cannot hear because they don’t have ears. You can shout “Snake!” or “Ular!” when you see it to alert others around you. Please tell the teachers if you see snakes in school and adults if you see snakes anywhere else. If there is a snake in your house, you may call Pak Ron to help you to rescue the snake. The Starlings were lucky because Pak Ron let the Starlings touch and feel his snakes, such as wolf snakes and pythons. Thank you Pak Ron! We were very glad you came to Starlings and the students are already asking if he can come back another time and visit again!

Important dates in December:

Tuesday 11th December: Field Trip to Kemenuh Butterfly Park and Setia Darma House of Mask and Puppet. Please pack a snack, lunch, water bottle and spare clothes. Please return permission slip before the date of the trip.

Thursday 13th December: Primary and Early Years Thematic Gallery

Friday 14th December: Science Fair (Early Years not participating but will visit the Science Fair together)

Thursday 20th December: Last day of Semester 1

Looking forward to having another wonderful week. Enjoy your family weekend!

Warm regards,

The Starlings Team

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