Starlings – Sixth Week of Term 2

Dear Parents,

On Monday morning, we had a wonderful nature walk around Green Camp. We were greeted by a bunch of big sunflowers. Ibu Komang wondered and asked the children “What is in the inside of the flower and why does it have a brown colour?” Some of the children said that there were seeds, others that there was honey and some of them said there was a bee’s house. It is really cool to see the way they are thinking! We observed the plants and saw that many of them were fruit trees and vegetables. There were lettuce, spinach, eggplants, Pandan Harum,  Rambutan, mango, papaya, pineapples, sugar cane, passion fruit, banana trees and chili plants. We saw a “chili ball”, we just named it because it has a circle shape and looks like a ball. Some of the children tried to catch a grasshopper and gently hold it and say hi.  Of course they carefully put them back to the nature afterwards. Sage also showed us one kind of leaf that can fly. That was an amazing morning and our first time to visiting Green Camp.

In cooking class, the children made “Potato Cheese Croquettes”.  We made them by mashing cooked potato and mixing it with milk, garlic powder, salt and flour. We rolled the dough like a ball, dug a little hole with our finger to put the cheese inside the ball, dipped it into some whisked egg mixture and then covered the it with bread crumps. Then finally as the last step, Ibu Komang helped to fry them, ehhhmmm!!! When we bit into the golden balls the cheese had melted and was delicious, yum!

The children not only learn yoga through songs, dance and through games, but also through stories. This time the children challenged their attention by focusing on listening to a story while doing yoga poses. The children also played “Duck-Duck Goose” in a turn and showed their own yoga pose and got to be the teacher as everyone tried to do their position. They created very cute yoga poses that they thought of and named on their own.

On Wednesday morning, we had another fun day playing with hula hoops in P.W. class.  When the song started, the children drove the hula hoops like a car and when the music stopped the children had to do actions and movements depending on what Pak Garrett called out. If he said “flat tire” they had to put the hula hoops down and had to jump into and out again 10 times.  They also had to listen for other instructions and actions including “doggy walk” when the hoops transformed in to dogs that we needed to gently roll to take for a walk.  The next day, the children divided into two groups: the cups and the saucers.  If they were in the saucer group they needed to turn the saucers (cones) one way up whilst the cup children were busy turning them the other way round into cups instead.  Pak Putu counted up at the end to see who had triumphed with the most cones facing either up or down.

As well as all this fun we have been busy practicing for our Indonesian Assembly, singing songs, doing drama, adding details to the costumes and making decorations. Sorry no photos for this as we don’t want to ruin the surprise for you all next Wednesday. We hope you can all make it  at 9.00am to the show. It will be in the Kindy playground in front of the pirate ship.

Other key dates are:

Wednesday 5th December: EY Indonesian Assembly

Tuesday 11th December: Field Trip to Kemenuh Butterfly Park and Setia Darma House of Mask and Puppet

Thursday 13th December: Primary and Early Years Thematic Gallery

Friday 14th December: Science Fair

Thursday 20th December: Last day of Semester 1

Thank you for your support see you on Monday and stay dry!

Warm Regards,

The Starling Team

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