Starlings – Third Week of Term 3

Dear Parents and Friends,

Happy Chinese New Year! Gong xi fat cai everyone! Since this year is the year of the pig, the Starlings made some projects related to pigs, such as a piggy bank and a chatterbox.

Continuing on with our thematic unit, this week the Starlings explored more about “Windy” weather and incidentally the weather was often windy lately. Relating to strong winds, the Starlings made paper windmills. They were really happy when their windmills could spin around from the wind outside. Their facial expressions were priceless. They jumped and shouted, “It works! My windmill is spinning!”. Even when there was no wind, some of the Starlings realized they could blow the wheel or run around to make their own wind and it worked! Spinning windmill is so much fun!

During a nature walk, the Starlings went to the big bridge to search for the wind. They brought a ribbon and tried to make the ribbon fly. Wind is so special since we can feel it but we cannot see it. What do you feel when the wind is coming? Can you touch it?

Our Teman-teman connection with Grade 5 Putih continued on Monday morning. This time, the Starlings and the 5th Graders played so many fun activities which were all prepared by our older friends. The 5th Graders were divided into 5 groups and each group played different games with our Starlings. The games were “Duck Duck Goose” which we already knew how to play and “Blow the Feather” in which the Starlings needed to blow the feather and the older students counted how long the Starlings could keep the feather in the air. It wasn’t easy, it was so tricky! Another game was called “Paper Ball Toss”. Two teams threw paper balls at the opponent’s area. The area with the fewest paper balls was the winner. The “Moving Ball” game required a rectangular cloth and a tennis ball. The Starlings and Grade 5 Putih students held the edge of the cloth and put the ball on it. They moved the ball by raising up and lowering their hands. They tried not to drop the ball on the ground. The last activity was trying to put a pencil inside a bottle. The Starlings needed to stand up on a chair and attempted to drop the pencil into a bottle. Wow, those activities were so exciting. The Starlings and their buddies were very happy playing together!

The Starlings transformed into monsters in Drama Class. Ibu Marvelina asked all the Starlings to pretend to be kind monsters. After that, the Starlings were asked to pair up. Each pair stood back to back and they became a two-headed monster. Next, the music started and they tried to move to follow the music. The music could be so energetic or slow. Next, Ibu Marvelina challenged the Starlings to become a five-headed monster and a ten-headed monster. In the end, the ten-headed monster acted as an ice cream that melted so the Starlings slowly went down and laid down on the floor like they were melting.

In cooking class, the Starlings baked pumpkin cake. The children helped the teachers to grate the pumpkin and mix all of the ingredients with the mixer. Grating the pumpkin was very challenging and you need to be careful and calm while doing it. At last, we poured white sesame seeds on the top of the cake to make it more delicious and nutritious.

We were back having fun in the Gym with Pak Garrett and Pak Putu for our P.W. classes. This week, the Starlings played with assorted balls. There were basketballs, soccer balls, and tennis balls. The Starlings dribbled and kicked the balls as well as hit the balls using a racket. Next, they also had stations. The Starlings did frog jumps, kangaroo hops, crawling through the tunnel and crawling on the barriers. Such fun sport sessions!

Next month, there will be the Nyepi holiday, which is the Balinese New Year. The whole community of Green School will celebrate Nyepi day by making Ogoh-ogoh. Ogoh-ogoh is a sculpture in Balinese culture, usually in Rakshasa (Giant) form and can be very big and frightening. On our campus, the students are not asked to make something scary. The Ogoh-ogoh could be something cute, silly or inspiring. This week, the Starlings started to make their Ogoh-ogoh. The theme for this year’s Ogoh-ogoh parade is “Air” so the children will make a creature that flies in the air. They started by drawing designs of their own Ogoh-ogoh and then everyone voted to determine which design the class will make collaboratively.

In Bahasa Indonesia lessons, the Starlings practiced new words about “Buah-buahan” or fruits. The words are anggur (grape), pisang (banana), jeruk (orange), stroberi (strawberry), mangga (mango), buah naga (dragon fruit), pir (pear), ceri (cherry), pepaya (papaya), and apel (apple). They also sang the original “Buah-buahan” song from last term’s Assembly. Do you still remember that song?  The returning Starlings remembered every single lyric and they sang with passion in the class, helping our new friends to learn. Here are the lyrics for our new friends…

Banana banana itu pisang

Strawberry strawberry itu stroberi

Pineapple pineapple itu nanas

Jeruk is orange

Mangga is mango

The Starlings went to the bamboo garden to see how much their bamboo seedlings have grown and changed. Did you still remember that last year in November, the returning Starlings did a planting project with bamboo seedlings? Look how tall the bamboo is now! Next, the Starlings hunted for some fresh cacao and passion fruit in the small garden near the mud pit. We gathered them and sliced them in the class to try it. Sadly, it wasn’t ripe yet.


Next Tuesday, February 12th at 8:15 to 9:30 am, there will be an Early Years Potluck Breakfast party. Please bring something to share. The breakfast will take place in the Kindy outside eating area and children will be welcome to play inside or outside (in the Kindy area) during that time. We hope your family can join us to welcome our new friends into our community.

Thank you and enjoy your weekend with lots of fun!

Best wishes,

The Starlings Team


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