Starlings – Week 3 Term 1

Dear Parents,

Our second full week of school has been fabulous. Starlings are off to a great start with lots of fun and friendship building. We are learning everybody’s names and are starting to recognize them on the name cards.

We enjoyed many Specialist classes this week and had our first Cooking class. The students enthusiastically cut and then blended mangoes and dragon fruit to make gelato. They helped to wash the dishes and then everybody enjoyed eating it for snack, topped with granola.

During Green Studies. Ibu Nicolene and Ibu Pera brought a guest to our class. Her name was Henny Penny, the chicken. The children were very gentle with Henny Penny and took her back to the chicken coop so she could be with her other friends. The students also fed the other chickens. Afterwards, we visited the Green Studies house near the river. The children searched for banana stems that Ibu Nicolene had hidden. Then they carried the stems back to the class garden and and used them to build magic bean nests.

In P.W. class, the Starlings met three teachers, Ibu Amanda, Pak Garrett and Pak Putu Joni. They did some exercises and played games, such as  “Fish and Octopus”, “Pac Man” and hula hoops. It was challenging and so much fun.

In Music class, the focus was on listening to and following instructions found in songs. We sang the “Muffin Man” song again. We think the children love this song so much as they continued singing it throughout the day.

We went for a nature walk to explore more of our campus. We visited the cows, the pigs and the compost place too. The students really enjoyed visiting the pigs and many children thought the pigs were cute. We also got a chance to see baby owls. Our Mystery Guest, Pak Ed, a parent from Kindergarten, rescued the baby owls from a construction site. He named them “Lola and Jackson”. He talked about how the owls live, hunt and grow. The children were fascinated and did their best to sit quietly so they did not scare the baby owls.

In Yoga class with Ibu Cherry, the children explored multiple poses to practice balancing as well as gaining flexibility and strength. We also used movement songs to flow through poses, such as “I am Yoga” and “Dancing Bear”.  They were really engaged with Yoga class and didn’t want it to finish.

In Budaya Class (Indoneisan Culture), we introduced the children to aspects of Balinese culture. We spoke about the culture of Bali, like the temples and the traditional clothes. The students listened to one of the famous Balinese stories which is called “Siap Selem” (The Black Hen). They enjoyed the puppet show.

Upcoming Events

The Early Years (Geckos, Starlings and Kindergarten) are inviting all families to join with us for a fun potluck style breakfast on Wednesday, September 4th . It is a lovely chance to connect with other parents and welcome new families while enjoying some great food together.

Have a great weekend. See you all back to school on Monday.

Best wishes,

The Starlings


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