Starlings Week 7 Term 1

Dear Parents,

It’s been a busy and fun week in Starlings Class. From celebrating World Bamboo Day, taking a nature walk, art activities, a mystery guest and new toys, we are filling our days with fun and friends. This week also included Thematics, Green Studies, Teman – teman with grade 2, Cooking Class, P.E., Yoga and Bahasa.


This week we continued the “Sense of Place” theme and focused on “Our Home”.  Starling Putih explored more about our town, including many kinds of buildings and places. The students designed a town landscape on the canvas and mats. There were houses, castles, racing tracks, trains, different neighborhoods, a jungle, a post office and more. There were also lots of role plays happening as they played in their town. Starling Merah used sticks and strings to design their own house or something from their imagination. Some of them used triangles and squares to create a house while others made letters, sharks and fishing rods. Their imaginations are amazing.

Green Studies

In Green Studies, the children ventured around the campus searching for bamboo sticks and dry leaves. Then they built houses for snails.

Cooking Class

In Cooking class this week, we made Gado-gado. It’s an Indonesian salad of  blanched or steamed vegetables served with a peanut sauce dressing. We steamed utik-utik (bean sprouts), buncis (string beans), bayam (spinach) and kangkung (water spinach). The Starlings helped to cut the vegetables, crushed the peanuts with a mortar and pestle and helped to clean the cutting boards and utensils after class.

World Bamboo Day

This Wednesday, we celebrated World Bamboo Day. We joined with the primary students in the Gym for a special morning assembly. We watched an amazing performance from Maya, a high school student, who did a unicycle dance. She has been practicing since she was 6 years old and the audience was in awe of her balancing skills and technique. Pak Rizal also performed. He is an expert in bamboo music instruments and makes his own unique instruments. The students enjoyed the performances and were happy to join in by dancing.

Nature Walk

During a nature walk, we explored around the school bridge area. We looked at different plants and animals as well as observing different places used for varied purposes. The children and teachers also collected treasures along the way. Later, we used our treasures imaginatively to create works of art on large pieces of cardboard.

Mystery Guest

We had a mystery guest this week in Starling Merah. Pak Wayan Kembar, Chloe’s Dad, helped us make amazing toys from natural resources. He told us why he loved to make these toys and showed us how to make a musical instrument from banana stems, making one for each of the students. He also made cars from watermelon skin and wood for the class. The students were amazed that they could make such cool toys from the nature. Each child also received a handmade headband from coconut leaves. Pak Wayan is looking forward to surprising Starling Putih students soon with a visit to share these projects so please keep this a surprise if you are a Starling Putih parent.

We would love to see many more Mystery Guests in Starlings classrooms. You don’t have to do something large or even stay a long time. Perhaps you have a favourite story to read or a song to teach us. Maybe you can help us create an artwork, make a mobile, do some origami, help tend the garden, create mud pies or bricks, cooking class, the possibilities are endless…..  We really would love for you to visit. Please contact us at so that we can arrange a time and day that works for us. Thank you!


Yoga class always makes the children smile. We began our warm up with the ‘I am Yoga’ song.  After that, Ibu Cherry and the Starlings played a game called ‘Magic Bag’. She  held up the childrens’ names one by one. When someone saw their name, they took something from the bag Ibu Cherry was holding. There were many different objects, such as animals, dolls, flamingos, butterflies, penguins, and more. Then they all did that animal movement together. They were so engaged and had so much energy that they practiced yoga poses for almost one hour.

Bahasa Indonesia

The Starlings started to learn the names of body parts (anggota tubuh) in Bahasa. They were introduced to kepala (head), mata (eyes), telinga (ears), mulut (mouth), hidung (nose), pundak (shoulders), tangan (hands), and kaki (feet). The students learned the words through the song, “Kepala Pundak Lutut dan Kaki” (Head Shoulders, Knees and Toes). They also completed a picture of a person by drawing the missing details, such as eyes, nose, mouth, hair and clothes.

Notes :

  1. Tuesday, September 24 at 9:00 am at the Green Warung – Session with Ibu Sharon, our Lower School Counselor.

  2. The E.Y. Parent Gathering has been rescheduled to Monday, September 30. It will be an overview of our programme and will take place in the Starlings Merah classroom from 9:15 am -10:00 am. 

  3. Please return your conference preparations papers before the Parents Teachers Conference on Friday, September 27. This will be a non-school day for children. Ibu Russlee has already emailed a conference sign-up sheet. 

  4. Mid-Semester break from October 7- October 18. School will resume on Monday, October 21. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Thank you!

Best wishes,

Starlings Team

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