High School students are engaged in the SUN (Start University Now) programme with Central Queensland University in Australia.  This program, which includes two university level courses on Environmental Science and Psychology represents the launch of our Green U initiative at Green School.  Our students enrolled in these online courses with our Green School educators as their mentors alongside professors in Australia who provide guidance as well.  This blended learning model is successful around the world and is giving our students an understanding and confidence around academic life after Green School.

And how are they doing?

Outstanding is the answer!

On the first of two major assessments in the psychology course, our students received a perfect score and two near perfect scores (one point off).  The remaining three students (who are in 9th grade currently – 5 years younger than most of their counterparts!) performed at or above average as compared to University students participating in the same course.  In addition to being more than prepared for the rigor of more traditional university academics, our students are being congratulated for bringing a perspective and experience to the virtual classrooms that enriches the program

 Congratulations Green U participants!

Learning stamps you with its moments.  Childhood’s learning is made up of moments.  It isn’t steady.  It’s a pulse. — Eudora Welty

Leslie A. Medema

Head of Academics and High School

Green School, Bali


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