Start Your Zero Waste Journey with KemBali!

Welcome to all new families to our great community! We would like to invite you on a journey to zero waste. KemBali is the place to start. We have 21 recycling categories, including compostables and used cooking oil.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we all educate ourselves in refusing, reducing, recycling, and zero inputs to landfill.

China has just closed its door to much of the worlds recycling. This is an international game changer. Countries that have been selling recycling to China are now having to put everything to landfill. We are not sure how this will effect Indonesia.

So please:

  1. Think before you buy

  2. Use reusable bags

  3. If you must purchase vegetable in mica or plastic, leave the packaging at the checkout counter

  4. Buy local. Support local people, not big package companies and imported food

  5. Eliminate waste to landfill. Mica clam shell packaging, mica egg cartons, foil lined bags, foil lined snack packaging, styrofoam of any kind, just to name a few.

  6. Support companies that have bulk bins or sure eco friendly banana leaf. Bali Buda, Big Tree Farms, Ariesta, Bali Direct, GS Farm Stand, GS Farmers Market to name a few.

  7. If you must get take out. Take container with you or support restaurants that use recyclable containers

  8. Say no to straws, plastic water bottles, single use plastic water cups/straws. Use a reusable water bottles and coffee cups.

  9. If you don’t use KemBali for your waste management, then sign up to an ethical waste company like EcoBali, Bali recycling, etc.

  10. Keep the area or gang close to your home clean of trash. Once a bag or two of trash is left out, it starts a downhill spiral.

  11. Purchase a trash spear or tongs from the Green Shop and if you go out for a walk, walk with purpose. Pick up some trash along the way.

KemBali is a community working towards zero waste. Start your journey. Come join us!


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