Starting Cycle 2

Dear Parents,

We are so excited to welcome back our Grade 3 students and hear all their stories and adventures during the Break. They have been enthusiastic to return and having lots of fun this week, beginning many new initiatives and continuing with valued projects. They started the week learning to write a “Diary” about their amazing vacations.

Our return from break also marks the beginning of our Cycle 2, which will last until December.  Please find a copy of the Grade 3 schedule for Cycle 2.

cycle 2 schedule

We began our thematic for the cycle. After speaking and brainstorming together about different Gifts from the Earth, most demonstrated an interest in animals, plants, ocean, and water. We finally decided that what was moving us the most at the moment is: “MARINE LIFE”.

They chose and started to investigate a marine living thing to create their Halloween Custom. After learning about the characteristics, making a list of materials, designing the customs and finding materials in Kembali and Arts, they started creating their piece of art. If they wish to add details at home, feel free to give them a hand. However, we will be working on them next week too.

The idea for the 31st October is to come dressed up as they wish (even with home chosen customs) and during lunchtime, to change into their school-made oceanic customs. They will be wearing them for the special assembly hosting iconic marine biologist and explorer Sylvia Earle in the afternoon (2:30 – 3:15).

So many things happening this coming week! We will have another unique visitor on Monday. Courtney Mattison is a self-proclaimed ocean “activist” who creates large-scale ceramic coral reef installations. Courtney has a background in marine ecology and strives to create art that will educate people about coral reef conservation.  Courtney is here in Bali to unveil her latest work, a 30-foot long installation at the CTC (Coral Triangle Center) in Sanur! She will be holding a conference and Q/A session with our students which falls perfectly into our thematics.

Please see the recent article and video about Courtney if you have time:

Dear parents, any ideas, books, events, or visits about the Gifts of the Ocean you can share with us are most welcome!


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