Student Led Conferences Friday March 9th

Dear Parents of Primary Students,

Student Led Conferences are NEXT WEEK! All day on Friday March 9th

Please refer to communications from class teachers about your child/children’s personal conference schedule. Every Primary student has been allocated their own time for a classroom conference.

Primary is buzzing as preparations for Student Led Conferences move into their final phase. And with Friday 9th just around the corner, we would like to tell you a little more about what to expect on conference day.

Student Led Conferences at GS provide children with a powerful and authentic opportunity for sharing, celebrating and reflecting on their learning. Conferences will be held in several venues: In your child’s classroom, where they will involve up to five student-families simultaneously rotating through various learning stations; and in the Specialists spaces where stations will be set-up for each grade level. There is no scheduled time to visit the Specialist spaces, simply call in after or before your scheduled Student Led Conference in the classroom.

We kindly ask you to remember that Student Led Conferences do not include a time for you to discuss your child’s progress with their teachers. They are a time for students to take responsibility for, and communicate about, their learning. If you wish to meet with your child’s teachers, you are welcome to arrange an appointment to do this at another time.

March 9th is a family day – please arrive and leave as a family; travel around the Primary School as a family and enjoy mindful time together. Brothers and sisters may like to join each other’s conferences, but they also have the option of using the quiet area provided in each teaching space and occupying themselves.

As March 9th draws closer, your child/ children will have more information about Student Led Conferences to share with you. Do ask them what the day will hold; they are, after all, running these conferences for you!

Kind regards,

Nicki Lorenzini


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