Super Moon and Baby Owl

Dear Parents,

Thanks for following our weekly adventures here! Monday was another magical day as we celebrated Ayla’s 5th birthday along with a super moon. The children sang Happy Birthday in a variety of languages during Morning Circle. We also prepared kwangen, which are cone-shaped flower offerings for the super full moon ceremony. The students changed into their Balinese traditional clothing and walked to the temple on campus. Ibu Parwati led the ceremony and all of the Early Years children received blessings together.

In Green Studies Class with Pak Brett, the students walked to the grassy field next to the yoga studio and attempted to catch butterflies with nets. Some students even caught some grasshoppers. All of the creatures were quickly released back to their jungle home. The Starlings loved this activity and are already requesting to have another class with the butterfly nets.

On Tuesday, the Starlings visited the Bamboo Village for the second time this year. We were extremely excited to meet the baby owl that Luisa’s parents are taking care of. The baby owl fell from a coconut tree on Sunday night and Pak Edu and Ibu Carol are helping the owl to grow until she is ready to fly away. The students and teachers were delighted to meet this fluffy gorgeous creature and everyone had a turn to touch the owl gently. We also watched the owl eat a snack of crickets. Following this, Luisa’s parents prepared a treasure hunt which led the students all around the Bamboo Village, to see the compost, the worm bins, the seedlings, the Ganesha statue, and finally to the treasure…a homemade chocolate birthday cake. It truly was a delightful morning, and we are very grateful for their hospitality and love.

Look to the branch in the middle of the photo..can you find another baby owl?

Happy 5th Birthday Luisa!

Today Ibu Kara surprised the Starlings as the Mystery Guest. She shared her imagination with us as she skillfully told a story about a troll, a brave girl, and a fairy land. The children were highly engaged and loved listening to this original story. Many thanks to Ibu Kara for visiting us. Please let me know if you would like to be a Mystery Guest next week or any of the following weeks. Our schedule for Mystery Guests is currently completely open and the best time is 9:00 am on Thursdays. We can be flexible if this does not work with your schedule.

The Starlings practised mathematical skills by focusing on the numbers 1-5 today. We made number books and worked on writing the numerals. The children were also asked to stamp on each page to match the number that was written on the page, for example, on the page with a 3, the students stamped three times.

Just a reminder that school will be closed tomorrow, Friday November 18. The teachers will have a professional development day. Next week, we will begin a new thematic unit entitled “Paintbrushes”. This lesson will focus on creative expression and fine motor skills as we explore different painting techniques and artists. On Wednesday, November 23, the Early Years students are proud to present their Indonesian Assembly. This will take place in front of the pirate ship outside of our classroom and begins at 9:00 am. It will be a showcase of dancing and singing from the Pre-K Geckos, Pre-K Starlings and Kindergarten. We hope to see you there! Have a wonderful three day weekend and see you back in school on Monday.

Warm wishes,

*Ibu Russlee *Ibu Ria *Ibu Komang

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