Sustainable solutions


Last week was a very special and busy week. The grade 3 students had amazing opportunities to learn, play and meet new interesting people, trying to make our world more sustainable. Here’s some small highlight moments of Sustainable Solutions from grade 3. Enjoy the ride.

Trying out the silent zero carbon scooter.

Students making art from plastic bottles.

Traditional coconut weaving.

Carving with Pak Jason.

George Nuku was one of the most visible person on campus last week.

Walking with stilts. The stilt show was really amazing.

At the Kul-Kul farme

Outside sustainable solutions we’ve been learning about area and perimeter.

Coloring fractions.

Grade three had visitors from high school. The high school students had prepared an activity book  about famous scientist and with really good activities.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in Sustainable solutions.

Thank you,

Grade 3

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