Sustainable Solutions Rockin’!

Sustainable Solutions was a HUGE success this year! We truly embraced the Green School vision of a community of learners making our world sustainable.

On Day 1 of the event, the field lite up as students aged 6 to 18 years, shared their sustainable solutions with the community. The day was filled with learning, laughter, and fun. As Kate Druhan shared, ‘It was an incredible community and visitor gathering, bound together by a common passion,’ to live more sustainably, from the ground up.

We welcomed 500+ people during both days of the event, with a mix of GS students and parents as well as local students and external community members. Over 50 solutions were shared over the 2 days, representing the projects, initiatives, products and services from NGOs, local businesses, and a variety of community and student efforts.

Day 2 Workshops and Speaker Series were well attended by diverse crowds, leaving guests with tangible take-aways for sustainable living, strategies for approaching challenges as an activist, and new knowledge about whats on the rise within sustainability.

Everyone was engaged with something. If not attending a scheduled session, guests were found networking and collaborating, adding to the live art, playing eco-instruments, building with bamboo or playing other games that were scattered about.

The event ended with a ROCKIN line-up of Bali’s best bands including Ma-Vie, Aray Daulay, The Mangrooves, and The Hydrant. The dancing and vibes were at a all time high when The Hydrant took the stage, bringing everyone to their feet to jive, including our wonderful GS staff, who were full of smiles!

Thank you to all those who attended, contributed, and volunteered, to make this all possible. The success of the event is due to the collaborative effort of this community. The dream of building an annual eco event, which is developed by and with the students involvement, has come true this year and we look forward to growing and sharing Sustainable Solutions in the future.

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