Sustainably Slick

So Slick!

Hey guys, it’s the Bio Bus again. We would like to tell you about some things that happened this week and give you some reminders.

We had some teachers from the Green Educators Course visit us today. They just slid right into the grease.

The LEAP peeps are still working on our amazing Bio Bikes, and are very busy.

We will be presenting at the UN Hackathon. We’ll leave Green School at 1:15pm on the Bio Bus, and will arrive at Dojo in Canggu at 2pm to set up. Then we’ll present at 3 – 3:30pm. Our Soap making workshop will be at 3:30 – 4:30pm, and will leave at 4:30 back to GS.

Now come the reminders!

We just want to remind you to please sign our petition to ban the resale of UCO. The link is: Petition Bio Bus

Also, Please fill your diesel vehicle up at our pump station!

Please make sure to check out our Farm Stand at the Friday’s Farmers Market. We have some greasy great stuff! There will also be an opportunity to sign our petition there.

Thank you for your support and stick with the slick!

Britt Koens with Andrea Mercer

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