Tenth Week of Term 1

“Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal.” ― Alfred A. Montapert

Dear Parents and Friends,

How exciting our experiences were this week! We had so much fun and a definite highlight was our fantastic field trip to Bali Bird Park to see a lot of birds and some other creatures as well. There were starlings (yes, we saw starlings for real and that made us so proud to be starlings), komodo dragons (they were sooooo bigggg!), owls, birds of paradise, parrots, eagles, peacocks, peahens, and many more kind of birds. Ibu Yanti, our personal tour guide from Bali Bird Park, helped us to go around and showed us all the animals in the park. We were so grateful that we were able to watch all of the magnificent shows there. Here is what we did at Bali Bird Park…

We were also really happy to visit Kul Kul Farm which is located next to Green School. The Starlings had an adventurous walk there as we left the school gates on foot to visit our neighbours at the farm. We ate many mulberries there, so tasty! The most unforgettable experience was when we fed chickens with chicken pelet. Pak Putu, one of the Gardeners there, helped us to make the special food for the chickens called pelet, which is made of rice and green beans. Along with chickens, there were also many pigs in Kul Kul Farm. We explored multiple plants too, such as eggplant, mulberry, tomato, pumpkin, flowers and many more. The children found a very sensitive plant (putri malu/shy princess) and all the Starlings were very excited to touch it and make it sleep.

We had a very special Art class with Ibu Gena and Pak Kadek, the Primary School Art teachers, in the Art studio. We learned about colours. Ibu Gena told a beautiful story about the three primary colours. There were red, blue, and yellow. The story tells how all the colours became friends and made a family. When they made a new member of the family, surprisingly they made new colours. Blue and yellow made green, red and yellow made orange, and blue and red made purple. We named all of the new colours as secondary colours. Next, we drew in a magical way. Ibu Gena gave us white oil crayons to draw on a blank piece of white paper. We drew it but we could not see what we drew, so Ibu Gena asked us to paint with red, blue, and yellow paint on our paper. Wuuusssh! Just like magic, now we could see our drawings beautifully. We also drew using three primary colours of crayon. We only got three colors but we could make six colors in our drawing if we wanted to.

The students had fun games with Pak Garrett and Pak Putu in our P.W. Class. It was a new “Pirates Game” so all of Starlings and teachers were being pirates. We had to run to different spots in the Gym and imagine that it was the beach, the shore or a crow nest based on Captain Garret’s commands. We also had to pretend to be a cannonball or sweep the deck. So much fun!

We played games too in Yoga Class. Ibu Cherry brought her special bag and we needed to take one thing from the bag without looking inside. We demonstrated yoga poses according to the object that we selected. There was a shark, a cat, an airplane, a table, a chair, a cobra, and a cow. Could you do those yoga poses? Maybe your child can show you how!

Our week was complete because we made  a lemon cake in Cooking Class for a special surprise. We gave our beautiful special cake to Ibu Russlee for her birthday cake! We celebrated her birthday in class and Ibu Russlee kindly shared her cake with all of the Starlings and Early Years’ teachers. We are so happy that all the Starlings liked the cake. Happy Birthday Ibu Russlee! Wishing you sweet moments and wonderful memories to cherish always 🙂

Next Saturday, October 13 , we will celebrate Saraswati Day. We made beautiful offerings, called GeboganGebogan is an offering which looks like a fruit tower. Starlings put mangoes, oranges, apples, bananas, and muffins on the different levels of the offerings. Last, we put a beautiful crown that was made of flowers and banana leaves on the top of Gebogan. The Gebogan will be presented to Saraswati Goddess as a sign of gratitude. After the ceremony, we can enjoy eating those offerings together. If you want to join the ceremony, please come on Saturday at 9:00 AM- 12:00 PM, in the Heart of School (HOS) and the temple. Lunch will be served. Please wear Balinese traditional ceremony clothes.

Term 1 has been completed and we are very proud of all the Starlings. Good job, Starlings!

We will have no school for one week on October 15 – 19 for the mid-semester break, and we will see you back at school on October 22.

Have a nice holiday everyone! Thank you for your attention.

Warm regards,

The Starlings Team

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