Teo Cox

Teo Cox, Class of 2014

“Immediately after Green School I went to New Zealand where I intended to work for six months and then move to Sweden in order to begin studies in Nuclear Physics, primarily in Nuclear Fusion reactors,” explains Teo. After six months, however, Teo realized he needed further preparation for advanced study, so he began a foundation year program.

“After completion of the foundation year program in July, I’m going to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree double majoring in Anthropology and Journalism as I intend to pursue a career in photojournalism, primarily war-correspondent work.”

“Additionally I’m running around the city taking photos and attending photography society seminars.”

Teo started at Green School in our first year 2008-2009. He attended for two year before departing to the USA for three years, then returning to graduate from Green School.

“In my final year there (Green School’s sixth year) thanks to Ibu Leslie, the school was finally settling down.”

“I believe now that Green School does an excellent job of preparing graduates for what comes next without throwing them into the mix,” said Teo, noting how our high school program has grown to better serve graduates for what lies ahead.

“The Green School experiences that helped me most were the planning of the class trip, and time with friends when we planned our hangouts. These experiences taught me the cruciality of prompt and succinct communication, logistics planning and due diligence.”

“My fondest memories of my time at Green School, in truth, are the months leading up to and the day of Green Stone,” says Teo, whose Green Stone title was Power Overwhelming: From Man to Star.

“The time alone required [so much] pre-planning and actual following of those plans, as opposed to my, at the time, habit of doing it all at the last minute. Additionally the day of Green Stone, for us, was something paramount to the beginning of our adult lives in a way.”

“I wasn’t nervous but I could sense that something amazing was happening that day, and I will say that I enjoyed the day thoroughly. My second fondest Green School memory would be our graduation itself.”

Watch Teo’s Green Stones:


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