Term 1 Week 1 – Our first days with our new Kindergarten friends – Children of the Earth


Oh wow! We got through our first week already. We can’t tell you how wonderful that was, witnessing the first week interactions of our children with their peers, parents and all of us. We have a feeling everything going to be amazing!

Already our superstars are learning the routine of the morning, independently starting to place their snacks in the cool box, water bottles in the baskets and many are taking a look at our noticeboard and answer our question of the day. We hope that you have spotted it too as we often leave messages and reminders for you grown ups their as well.  We would like to encourage you, together with your child to read and  answer morning question together. By the second day almost all of them knew what to do and did it all by themselves, remembering to place their shoes in the shoe snake and crocodile as well.

This week we have played games, dressed up and explored our environment both inside and out as we learn our about our space, the daily routines and who our new classmates and teachers are. We have danced, sang silly songs and which, as well as being lots of  fun and make us feel happy in our new Green School home, also help us be aware of our bodies and develop our coordination.

Each morning we have different games and toys set on our mini tables for the children to choose to explore. You are welcome to play for a while as well and then you are ready ask them to wave you goodbye. We need you to leave the classroom before 8.45 am so we can start to tidy up and have our opening circle of the day.

On Thursday we drew ourselves and started building a visual picture of our Kindy community. Of course this was not limited to people so we ventured out of the classroom to observe to look at the creature who we share our space with. Afterwards we had a great time guessing and role playing of what kind of creature each child had discovered. We discovered that there are a lot of toads in our pond that had us all super excited!

Later in the day we went even further afield as we felt Mother Earth give a little grumble so we had a real earthquake evacuation! Everyone was fabulous as we walked around school to meet our new PE teacher up on the sports field where we congregated with the whole of the school. On the way back we stopped to look at the ducks and noticed the frog ladders at the edges of the pond to help them get in and out of the water.

“This is us all ready to go during the earthquake evacuation on the sports field”

Today we had a blessing ceremony where the children dressed up colourfully in their traditional clothes. Our first experience was a beautiful one, the children were really interested and keen to be involved in the event and were really peaceful and curious as they joined in with the different blessings. Not to let the flowers go to waste, have a look at our mermaid art and writing that decorated our carpet for the day.

Friday saw the launch of PE with Pak Garrett and Pak Putu. It was great fun jumping, dancing, hopping like kangaroos and walking backwards, getting ready to stop and hold still too as we discovered the gym and the way we can safely move around the space doing the fun games that they have got for us to play.

Thank you to everyone who has already sent in tooth brushes, toothpaste and a cup. It would be great if we could have the whole class able to clean their teeth after lunch together so if you haven’t managed to grab those things yet, please find a moment to pop those in their bags as soon as you can.

Changing clothes  are also very important as we can get very messy here at Green School  and especially in  rainy season as we do allow them to play when it is drizzling. It will be great if you can add a light raincoat in there too for those that would like a little extra protection and when we have to move around school.

We are pleased to be able to share our team email address which you can use to contact us all collectively: kindergarten@greenschool.org

Just a quick reminder, next week there’ll be no school on Friday as it is Indonesian Independence Day. Keep an eye for our announcements that we put on the blog, email and of course our class noticeboard.

Have a big rest this weekend and we will see everyone ready for action on Monday!

The Kindergarten Team

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