Term 1 Week 2 with Pak Sal

Hi Team

It feels great to be back into Teaching and Learning. I had a great week and I know my students did too.

In the Literacy Paragraph Writing unit, students developed skills in structuring paragraphs with Topic, Supporting and Concluding Sentences. One of the paragraphs that students wrote was about the amazing human eye using this image:

In the Science component of our Happiness Thematic, 7A students researched and communicated information about neurons, the brain structures and hormones involved in feeling happy, and the science of smiling. Students also designed, conducted and communicated their results/conclusions of ‘Happiness Experiments’. I’m looking forward to hanging out with the 7B students next week.

In Maths, students worked on different Number Skills – depending on their individual learning requirements. Some of the skills that students learned were: rounding decimals, long division, and order of operations.

In addition to our classroom activities, it was great to see students in the Mud Pit with Pak Putu:

On Wednesday, it was a pleasure to go play Marimba (at Ibu Jan’s house).

Wow! What a week. And next week looks like even more fun. I’m super excited about the Literacy Reading unit and my ‘Sell the Cell’ course – we will learn about cell organelles, microscopes, cell replication, photosynthesis and the chloroplast, and cellular respiration. Students will also complete a creative writing project called ‘The Cell is a City’.

Please email me if you have any questions about Maths or Science at Green School.

Have a great weekend.

Kind regards,

Pak Sal

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