Term 1 Week 3 – We are One!

Dear Parents and Friends,

What a fun week full of joy and happiness! Every child openly expressed her/himself in various ways. In the morning, during Circle Time, the teachers love asking how everyone is feeling. Depending on the moment, we hear a range of responses, such as happy, sad, angry, shy or sleepy. All kinds of feelings are acknowledged and it is always fine to express those feelings verbally but never okay to hurt somebody. Related to that, we then created “a magic bottle” as part of a Mindfulness lesson. The children went to Kembali to find plastic bottles. We put lots of glittery magic inside a bottle full of water. The magic bottle will help to remind us to be calm whenever we have an uncomfortable feeling. You just need to shake it and watch the colourful glittery magic go down as you slowly breathe in and out.

This Monday morning, we started the day by having our first visit to the library. We met Ibu Ayu and Pak Andi who are going to help us in the library. Ibu Ayu read us a story and then each of us had the chance to choose one book to borrow and bring to the classroom.

More yoga poses were explored during our Yoga Class with Ibu Cherry. We sang “Old McDonald” while attempting many types of animal poses, such as dog, snake, cat, elephant, monkey, frog, and more. Ibu Cherry also played a song called “Dancing Bear” which introduces four poses: tree, slide, chair, and boat. The students were so engaged that we practised yoga for almost one hour. The class then ended with savasana. Namaste!

We had our first Teman-teman (friendship) session with Kindy this Tuesday. It is a special program where we can interact with other children from various classes, spending time together to build new relationships. We had an amazing time playing in the Kindy classroom and exploring the new space. Each Kindy student paired up with a Gecko friend and shared their toys.

During Music Class with Pak Aris and Ibu Jamie, we played some games, including the “Chicken” game and a new game called “Blue Bird”. To play the new game, we made a circle while holding hands and one student became the blue bird and he/she had to go inside the circle and choose a new person to be the blue bird. The class then ended with freeze dance.

To help us celebrate our birthdays, the children engaged in making a hot air balloon craft. They decorated their own project using mixed materials including coloured pencils, glue, googly eyes, pompoms, and buttons.

Guess what Ibu Nicolene and Ibu Pera brought during Green Studies? She was a chicken named Stardust. It was so great to have snuggles with Stardust. Then we went for a long walk to feed the chickens in their coop. The adventure continued by walking down the stairs leading to the bridge. On the way, we made mud balls and Ibu Nicolene gave us a seed to plant in that mud ball. Let’s check next time when we come to visit. Do you think it will grow?

The children were very excited to see the cows as well as to touch the cows with their gentle hands. We also met Mama pig, Papa pig, and the baby pigs who were having their family time so we had to be very quiet and try not to scare them. The children also explored the compost station. Is it smelly? Yes. But it’s yummy food for the soil and the plants.

In P.W. (Physical Well-Being) class, we met three new amazing teachers. They are Pak Garrett, Ibu Amanda and Pak Putu. We had so much fun playing musical freeze dance. We also practised froggy jumps and enjoyed having so much space to run around in the Gym. Please pack sports shoes on Thursdays for this class.

We had our first Mystery Guest visit us on Thursday. Pak Ed is the Dad of one of our Kindy students and he came with his friend and two baby owls. The baby owls were found abandoned at a construction site and they were unwell. He showed us the babies who are now healthy and strong. Pak Ed taught us about what they eat and how to take care of them. We were super lucky to be so close to the baby owls and we had to remember to use our soft voices so that we would not frighten the babies.

We made our first delicious mixed fruit smoothie at Cooking Class this week. The children enthusiastically helped to cut the fruits as well as learning the name of the fruits in Bahasa Indonesia. The ingredients were mangga (manngo), nanas (pineapple), and buah naga (dragon fruit). Look how we enjoyed drinking our smoothie made by us. Yumm!!

Talking about friendship is always interesting. We all know that we need to be gentle, share toys, take turns, and be nice to each other. We created our Friendship Tree that will remind us about the kind things we can do with others.

”Friendship is one of the sweetest joys in life.”

(Charles Spurgeon)

We had Budaya Indonesia Class with Ibu Par which is when we explore Indonesian culture. She told us a story about a snake named Ular Merah (red snake). The we learned a new traditional game called “Ular Naga Panjang” (long dragon).

Thank you for reading. Another reminder about our Early Years Potluck Breakfast which is on September 4, from 8:15 – 9:30 am. We hope you have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you back at school soon. Please contact us at geckos@greenschool.org if you would like to arrange a Mystery Guest visit for the class or if you have another message for us.

Our current Specialist schedule is:

Monday: Library & Yoga

Tuesday: Teman-Teman & Music

Wednesday: Green Studies

Thursday: Cooking & P.W. (Physical Well-Being Class)

Friday: Budaya Indonesia

Warm regards,

Ibu Kadek, Ibu Par, Ibu Citra, Ibu Pitri, Ibu Dale & Ibu Russlee


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