Term 1 Week 5 – “My Body” & Breakfast Party

Dear Parents and Friends,

We had another exciting time this week! We had our first Early Years breakfast party for this new academic school year. How interesting to see the relationships forming between the children as well as the parents. Hearing happy conversations during the party and witnessing the children engaged and playing with friends across the entire Learning Neighbourhood made our day cheerful. We also had so much delicious food to share. Thank you for joining the party and sharing the tasty food for all of us.

Our thematic lesson this week focused on “Myself”. We explored our body parts, such as head, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, body, arms, hands, legs, and feet. The children created an art craft using recycled toilet rolls and paper. The students’ fine motor skills were challenged to cut with scissors by following straight lines and a circle shape by following along the circular lines. We stuck googly eyes, a bead (as the nose), and drew the mouth using markers on the paper to create “It’s Me” craft.

We swapped the books that we borrowed last week from the library and got new books for our classroom during the library visit. The children carefully picked books that they wanted to borrow.

In Yoga Class with Ibu Cherry, we practised our conscious breathing by using a pompom. We tried so many tricks, such as:

Put the pompom on our palms, take a deep breath in, and then breathe out while blowing the pompom off our hand.

Put the pompom on the ground and try to blow it as far as we can while laying on our stomachs.

Balance the pompom on our head and try to stand up and squat as we keep the pompom on our head.

Place the pompom on our palm, do the aeroplane pose while keeping the pompom balanced on our palm.

Put the pompom on the yoga mat, stand up and try to pick it up by using our toes.

Put the pompom on our stomach and do table pose.

We also danced to “Sun Salutation” as the way to extend our gratitude to Father Sun. The children enthusiastically followed each movement from a stretching song. Ibu Cherry brought yoga cards and modeled partner yoga poses, such as back to back and double boat.

To end the class, we had the singing bowl on our stomachs or our backs while doing savasana. Namaste!

This week, we spent time at the Kindy playground during Teman-teman session. Ibu Jo, one of the Kindy teachers, put us in groups and one of the Kindy friends in the group lead us on various kinds of obstacle play. Thank you Kindy friends and we are looking forward to having more fun during Teman-teman session next time!

“If you say you can’t do it, you have to give it a try.”

(teacher’s quote)

We had P.E. Class with Pak Garrett, Ibu Amanda, and Pak Putu this week. The stations were set to enhance the children’s gross motor skills, such as kicking and throwing balls from a certain distance as well as crawling, jumping, and hopping.

Who loves to eat? Me…! Yes, we love to eat and we also love to make food. At Cooking Class, we made a super yummy dessert, mango sticky rice. The children helped by cutting the mango. They also learned how to make natural food colouring using suji leaves and pandan leaves and they smelled the leaves.

During Music Class, Ibu Jamie and Pak Aris introduced a new song and the children imitated animals’ movements, such as cat, duck, hen, and elephant. Pak Aris showed us how to play djembe. He showed us three ways to play the djembe that can produce different sounds, including base, tune, and clap. Each of us had a chance to play the djembe.

Ibu Par introduced some vocabularies of body parts in Bahasa Indonesia, such as kepala (head), rambut (hair), mata (eyes), hidung (nose), telinga (ears), mulut (mouth), tangan (hands), and kaki (feet). We also learned songs about body parts in Bahasa Indonesia, including “Kepala Pundak Lutut Kaki” (Head Shoulders Knees and Toes) and “Dua Mata Saya” (My Two Eyes). In Budaya Indonesia, the children were mesmerized by a hand puppet show about a traditional folktale “Timun Mas”.

This week, Green Studies was moved to Friday. We usually have our class on Wednesday mornings. Ibu Nicolene and Ibu Pera took us on an adventure. Ibu Nicolene invited us to an experiment to make snail’s food from oatmeal. She mixed the oatmeal with water and placed it on a piece of used paper. Do you think the snail loved to eat it?

Yay….they love it!

Ibu Pera also found snail’s eggs. Wow! They are pink!

We had so much fun feeding the fish!

Always keep an eye to where you are walking. You might find one like this on the ground. Make sure not to step on it.

Ants’ houses

Dates for your diary:

World Bamboo Day – Wednesday, September 18th

Parent Teacher Conferences – Friday, September 27th

We are looking forward to having another fun journey next week. Have a great weekend and see you back at school on Monday.

Best wishes,

The Geckos

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