Term 1 Week 6 – Kindergarten – Maps, Mud and Mystery Guests!

It was a short and fantastic week!

Coming back from a long weekend, we started our week by doing mindfulness and this week we talked about breathing and anchor. What is an anchor? Why is breathing linked to an anchor? Breathing works like an anchor on our busy mind.  Breathing helps us to be calmer and more aware of everything around us. Try it! Every time you feel busy, take a moment to breath, and notice all around you then you will be ready to start again.

We were so lucky this week for having two mystery guests. Guess who they were? 

Frogs and Toads 

Our first mystery guest was Pak Matt, Amalya’s dad. He came to the classroom with his magic jar. Inside the jar was not food nor toys but… toad’s eggs! Wow, isn’t it cool? We were all amazed looking at all of the eggs even we got to touch and feel the soft part of the eggs.  We learnt a lot of information too.,for example, did you know a frogs tongue can be 3 times it’s body length – wow! One big question was “Are toads and frogs the same?” Ask us about it!

Tuning into what we know about maps

As we continuing our thematic, Home is where the heart is – A Sense of Place, we have been walking, exploring and making maps around our Early Years area.  Before we did this however we had to think about what we already knew about maps.  

We drew the classroom as our starting point then moved around into the playground, garden, and our neighbours Starlings and Geckos classrooms.  We then shared our drawings and explained to our friends our different maps.

Mapping our area.

Sharing our maps

Pak Adrian and the wonders of a drone’s eye view – Green School from above.

Another exciting part of this week was inviting Pak Adrian as our mystery guest. Have you met him? He is our videographer. He has been making video projects about our school and he showed different techniques to take pictures and videos including using drone. He shared his projects with us of Green School made by using the drone. From that pictures, we had fun spotting all the places around our school.


Being balanced. Time to rest, relax and healthy eating.

Our balanced life starts with a relaxing time under the sunshine while reading books and observing nature. We found ants during playground time and long-legged spiders. It was an interesting moment watching the ants moving and  how they worked in a team. Look at their shadows! Then we fed the fish with pasta ha ha ha… try to guess if their favourite food is pasta!

Birthday celebrations 

Who was turning 5 this week? Happy birthday Vincent, selamat ulang tahun.

Wonder Wall – Why? What? When? Where? Which? How?

We proudly presented our Wonder Wall. What is a Wonder Wall? A Wonder wall is a place where children can write or draw anything they wonder about, it can be questions or something that they are interested in or curious about. Please feel free to help the children write what they wonder about on the Wonder Wall. Can you answer any of those questions already asked?

The beauty of aloe vera

We met Pak Brett twice this week and during our Green Science class with Pak Brett and Ibu Sumarni, we went hunting aloe vera around the school. What is aloe vera? What does aloe vera look like? What is aloe vera for? We found some aloe vera plants growing near our clinic. We applied them to our skin and felt how fresh and good aloe vera is.  

Dancing to the rhythm of the beat!

In music class, we sang the two Green School songs as we love those songs so much. Pak Brett also brought some drums to play with. We learnt how to count and play drums at the same time. We also make some patterns on the beat like only playing the drum in the count of 1 and 2 while on the count 3 and four we stopped. The sound of the rain also inspired us when we played the drum, the beat was like a storm, thunder, wind, drizzle, heavy rain etc.

We have been strengthening our fine motor skill by doing various activities. Peer massage is one of them, this was our second time giving a gentle massage to our friends. We sat behind our partner then gently giving massage directed by Ibu Jo. This massage works with fun pictures to guide us, you can practice doing the massage with the children at home! Moreover, we also help the teacher to clean the bamboo with the sandpaper. We realised that sandpaper has different texture and function than the other papers. Ibu Russlee also engaged us in doing yoga to strengthen our gross motor skill individually and with partner. We happily stretched our body along with the songs and tried various poses.

Yoga – bending our bodies and stretching our outlooks.

Bahasa Indonesia – the animals in our Green School home.

For Bahasa Indonesia, animals or binatang that live around the school were introduced through stories including babi (pig), sapi (cow), kambing (goat), anjing (dog) and more binatang will be explored soon. Next week, we are going to visit Kul-kul Farm during Green Science to see all of those beautiful animals. It is also connected to our “Let’s think” activity. We have been sharing and giving information to our friends about the animals on the cards. We practice how to give a clear information and how to listen nicely to get information.

Sustainability – rubbish awareness – discovering a problem!

This week we extended our sustainable activities by observing all of the rubbish in the bins all around Early Years area. We investigated and discovered that some rubbish was misplaced….hmmmm. We went and looked further afield and saw that in different areas the bins were more effective, why? Ahhh…. We realised they had signs to help us: some with words, some with pictures and others had colour coded bins! Therefore we discovered that our signs for recyclable and non-recyclable rubbish need to be renewed. We are planning to take an action about this as we are the Children of the Earth.

What is this mud stuff anyway?

To close our fantastic week, we played on the mud down by the bridge. We excitedly touched the mud, splashed the water, hugged our friends who covered with mud and found some frogs. Next time, we are going to invite all moms and dads to play with us, yay can’t wait for another fun day on the mud! Watch out for the invitation!

SAVE THE DATE –  Parent Teacher Conference – Friday 28th September

More info to follow…..

Have a fun and frog -filled weekend!

The Kindy Team

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