Term 1 Week 7 – Kindergarten – Take a deep breath…

Sniffing, observing, stories, communicating, creating, breathing, moving – This is who we are, learning and living in the heart of Indonesia.

Cooking and Teman Teman

First activity of the week: Cooking class. As you may have experienced it, cooking with children not just following the recipe, especially when you want them to do things from scratch. Improvisation is the key as you can’t expect them to cut evenly or some of the ingredients get “accidentally” eaten or some of the batter is spilt or the eggs are cracked outside the bowl! Anything can happen, and its these things happen all the time in our cooking sessions. We had so much fun! Thankfully whatever it was that we are cooking, despite its odd appearance, it always tastes great.

This week we made carrot cake and eggplant cake. 2 cakes in 4 baking tins! The eggplant cake was an experiment where we just replace the carrot with it to see how it would turn out. Oh, we have to admit that in the eggplant version we sprinkled some magic cocoa powder. The kids were divided into groups and each group was responsible for making a batter. They grated carrots (wortel) and cut eggplant (terong) to pieces and mixed them up with other wet and dry ingredients such as; eggs (telur), flour (tepung), canola oil (minyak kanola), cinnamon (kayu manis), vanilla (vanilla). Hmmm…sniff, sniff..The smell of our Kindy home when those cakes were baking … mmmmmmmm!

To determine which cake was which, the children did some tests. First by looking at the colour of the cake, it was quite tricky because they all came out of the oven looking the same! The depth of colour of the cakes was deceiving. Then the smelling and sniffing test! They said, carrot cake smelt heavenly with cinnamon and vanilla while the eggplant had a hint of the smell of cocoa. Interestingly, most children loved the eggplant cakes while most teachers loved the carrot cake!

We took the carrot cake to Grade 3 in our teman-teman time. They taught the Kindy children how they made 3 dimensional Bali maps and explained to them what are the colours and landscape differences meant. They were so busy learning from each other that we didn’t have time to enjoy our cake with them. We heard later that they love it! Went back from Grade 3 and instead we shared our cakes with the parents. All in all It was a happy cake day. That day, we also learnt some other names for eggplant, ask your child at home what they are. We hope they still remember 3 of them.

An amazing bamboo filled day

World Bamboo Day was here again. What a day we had with bamboo! Started with the Early Years kids joining the primary assembly where we were entertained by bamboo musicians who were so generous with their time that afterwards they came to our classroom to give Early Years children a private concert! We got to see up and close those musical instrument that the musicians had made themselves. So this cello and that guitar were each, one of a kind – super special!

Another bamboo instruments that we learnt that day was Angklung which is a famed, traditional bamboo instrument from West Java. Pak Alex and Pak Aris came all the way from their music classroom carrying those instruments for the children to play with. They taught the children many different ways of learning Angklung.

We also painted some bamboos cut offs, not only using brushes but the ends of tiny sticks. This led to delicate patterns as well as bold blocks of colour. Once they’re dry we’ll have new blocks and rings to play with.

Last but not least, we designed and built some water and car trails. Oh bamboo you are so versatile!

Our Carousel and a visit to Kul Kul Farm

The children have been challenged to communicate, to work and collaborate inside and outside the system during one of the carousel activity. In other activities they continued on our sustainability project and in Bahasa Indonesia, learning the name of 4 animals; anjing (dog), babi (pig). sapi (cow), kambing (goat). During Green Science Pak Brett took us for mid morning walk to Kulkul Farm. First we checked the map to see how to get their and then we followed the directions to walk to the farm. We saw 3 of the animals up close that we had been learning in Bahasa Indonesia as well as many that we knew but Ibu Sumarni explained them like never before. – semut (ant), kupu kupu (butterfly), ulat (caterpillar) and laba-laba (spider) were just some we spotted. We saw that Kulkul farm raises their chickens organically and they were given soldier fly ant larvae as their protein.

Specialist Moving Moments

Yoga and PW this week with Ibu Cherry, Pak Garret and Pak Putu as usual brought the children to the special place that was yoga studio and gym. Where they stretched and moved their body around in the same, similar and yet different ways. Ball skills were also a challenge this week to add into the mix. The body isn’t the only thing that these specialists work on, they also encourage and challenge these little thinkers and problem solvers how to collaborate, to lead, to follow and to be an independent individuals through movements. Pak Brett also did the same thing on his music class albeit with lots of singing!

Mindfulness and our breath.

Did you know that every 2pm the world stands still at Green School? That is when the gong rings. We in Kindy do a mindfulness breathing and take a moment to pause and be calm for each of the 3 gong chimes. For the past 4 weeks, we have been doing butterfly breathing, where upon hearing the first gong, we all stop whatever we are doing, stay still, be present, spread out our hands like wings, breathe in and breathe out in unison with the movements of our hands. This week we shook up the routine. We asked the children to come up with the breathing technique of the animal that represents them. Boy, how they delivered! They were super creative in expressing of how their animal breathes. So starting this week we have asked our Kindy Helper to lead the 2pm mindfulness breathing. From this picture, can you guess what animal the Kindy Helper of the day chose?

This week in Mindfullness we have been considering Heartfeltness and have been sending love first to others that we love or who are ill and then to ourselves. We gave ourselves hugs and sent good thoughts to us too. 


This week our Thematic lesson continued on organically as the children moved to the next step from building the place that they knew well by heart. They assembled their mud based building into huge complex that is Green School. After that they were welcome to create their own space around the area to call their home. The best thing was they got to create with tape; the fixer of everything! as the saying goes  “If you can’t fix it with duct tape, then you’re not using enough duct tape”. This duct tape however, is a very special one made out of paper called masking tape. The children were beside themselves when they were each given one roll of masking tape each to create their space with. Little did they know that when they rip the tape, they’re exercising the strength of their hands!

They all got so absorbed with the process of creating their space around, they pondered with questions within themselves: How big do they want their space to be? Who are the neighbours? Who lives inside their space with them? What is their view? Is there a road near their house and where does it lead? etc. Such a beautiful process to witness. To make the space feel “mine” the children were encouraged to design and decorate and even build a house.

We asked the children what they needed and how or where to get these resources. They knew how they want their space to look like, so some went to our recycling centre at Kembali, some went to the garden to get some sticks and leaves, some stayed in the classroom to use any bits and pieces they could find such as sequins, bamboo in different shapes and lengths, glitter, blocks etc. The village they started to build quickly began to grow and become alive. The sea was added all around the classroom as our village is on Bali and that is an island don’t you know! One child got super creative, he created a little umbrella made out of a coconut shell button and a satay stick. Friends were interested and he went into mass production and started selling them. His friends could buy them with “money”of red and blue buttons. Another created a space with a gigantic thrash bin as he wanted to keep his house clean. A girl made two spaces as she wanted to have holiday house. Someone else drew 2 laundry bags inside the space to separate clothes. We, the teachers, were stunned by what keen observers these little people are and how they started to realise their ideas. We cant wait to see what is next. 

If you have any empty boxes, toilet rolls or other things that we can use to build with, please let us have them to use as we build our houses and expand our Kindy Village. 

We have on going special projects. Every month we will have the children draw themselves to see the development of their drawing and they way they represent people visually. It is such a fun project to see. Imagine you, dear parents, by end of the year, receive 10 of these and create time lapse video with them. How fun would that be! We also created birthday poster for our class where the children were asked of what they think their future profession would be. You’ll be surprised to know how many children wanted to be Avenger heroes, second after animal rescuers. It was good news for us, we can encourage them to eat more vegetables (wink) to build their super powers. Of course not all of them know what they want to be yet. As one child described it beautifully “ I don’t know, my brain still pulling out pictures”.

Story time!

We all love story, good story. We understand how valuable stories are for the children. So we never miss story time every day after lunch time. We can have 2 stories chosen by a teacher and the Kindy Helper. Often the Kindy Helper will choose a story that they have heard already – one of the children favourites. The one that chosen by teachers is to balance it out as they will choose a book that has never been read in the class before. Sometimes, it is a book brought by the teacher from home and we share non-fiction books too. Another story time is in the library, a story chosen and read by Ibu Ayu Rosita. We bet that your child asks you to read their favourite story that they borrowed from the library over and over again. You can do the same at home, vary this time with stories chosen by you as well as the ones they already love.

Special Announcements

Monday is a full moon ceremony, please have your child come to school wearing Balinese traditional clothes and prepare some extra clothes to change into afterwards.

Parent Teacher Conferences (PTCs) will be taking place on Friday, September 28th this year.

Here is the link to arrange your slot: EY and PS Parent-Teacher Conferences booking form  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScrFOAOW2BD6rISZlwOwKoCsnZomZFplbevf2JeUojQY_7Keg/viewform

If you have any questions about the PTC day or the booking process please contact Ibu Rachael at rachael.rostron@greenschool.org

If you have time to fill out our Kindergarten pre-conference form and return it asap that will be wonderful. Thank you to those who have already done so.

Have another lovely weekend,

The Kindergarten Team

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