Term 2 Schedule & Sign Up Form

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After School Activities are set up to offer more activities for our GS and KK students (PS/MS/HS) after normal teaching hours. These activities are optional and most are offered free of charge.

There are no activities for EY students. A few teachers offer activities for grade 1 students. Only if those teachers agree, parents can attend together with their EY kids. For safety reasons we really want parents to accompany their EY kids at all times.

Please note our term 2 procedure

  1. If your child would like to attend an activity, please sign up here (parents and staff don’t need to sign up if they want to attend themselves)

  2. If you sign up your child, we do expect him/her to attend the activity each week.

  3. If your child really can’t make it once or twice, please inform the ASA teacher by e-mail.

  4. The ASA teacher takes attendance each time.

For any further questions contact kim.sikking@greenschool.org.

NOTE: Participation in BSSA and MEI clubs is coordinated directly by Colin and Muria. BSSAcolin.kuit@greenschool.org MEImultispecieseducation@gmail.com


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