Term 2, Week 2 in 3A

Hello all!

It has been a busy and full week. Here’s a breakdown of some of the goodness in 3A:

Thematics: we are full on in our measurement unit! Students delved into making sundials and water timers last week and now we are working on modern time telling skills. Working in small groups, students practiced skills such as telling the hour and minute, half past, as well as smaller increments of time. Some groups also worked on figuring out the passage of time and using a 24 hour digital clock. We end this week with examining the features and functionality of a clock, with a goal of creating our very own by the end of term! Please practice at home with your child to reinforce time telling abilities, in particular with a 24 hour clock.

Literacy: How do we share our reading and make book recommendations? Through Reading Responses! Students practiced this with books we read aloud in class as well as books they finished on their own. What are some books you are reading at home?

Bahasa Language and Culture: Our beautiful family book project is coming to a close! They have been working very well to create beautiful and informative books about their family members. During Cultural class this week, the class also learned about Galungan and how Balinese people celebrate it through the foods that they make. They also got a chance to taste the traditional Balinese food and compare it to their home country foods, noticing taste/flavor and ingredients.

Teman Teman: Our Middle School buddies came by and led an activity in which we acted out the stories we wrote in Term 1. It was fun to share our stories using our bodies and voices in creative ways! We have been getting extra Teman Teman time during other subject areas too (see Math below!).

Mathematics: we used our rounding and estimation strategies around campus in the parks and garden areas. Our Middle School buddies came by to partner up with us and help us out with rounding to the nearest hundred as we solved some real life story problems. Showing our work and communicating our thinking remains an important focus. Different from guessing, our mathematicians make an informed estimate through reasoning and knowledge.

We close this week with Bamboopalooza! We hope to see you at our celebration this afternoon!

Coming Up Next Week: Mon, Oct 30th- Dress Up Day All Green School students and staff are invited to come in costume on Monday October 30th (date change from Friday November 3rd). There will be a whole school assembly at 14:30, where costumes can be seen and celebrated. Children can dress-up in any way they wish, or not at all if they prefer not to. Please help your children follow our Primary School costume guidelines: 1) No weaponry of any description – no fake swords, sticks, guns, etc. 2) No gore – let’s not scare our younger student-friends! Here are the categories for the costume awards: – Most sustainable costume – Cutest costume – Most creative costume – Grade level with the most people in costume – Best group costume – Best individual costume



Friday, Nov 3rd FULL MOON CEREMONY Dear Parents, We are writing to inform you about the upcoming Primary Full Moon Ceremony to take place next FRIDAY, NOV 3rd beginning at 8:30am promptly at the Green School Temple in the Heart of School. Primary students and staff will come together to celebrate and each person will get a packet of kwangen (flowers wrapped in banana leaves) as an offering and holy water and bija (rice) will be distributed by the Balinese ceremony leaders. These celebrations are practiced out of respect for the culture of the island on which we live. Students should go to their classrooms as normal at 8:10 on the morning of the ceremony. Classes will walk together to the Heart of School and should be seated quietly, shoeless and as a class at the temple by 8:20am promptly. All students and staff participating should wear a sarong, a sash, an udeng (traditional hat for boys) or a kebaya (traditional lace shirt for girls). It would be best if students came dressed in their traditional ceremonial clothing and brought a change of clothes in their bags for afterwards. We look forward to celebrating together.

Thank you for reading. Here are some photos to share! Terima kasih!

Practicing time telling skills in small groups with 3B

What do we notice when we walk mindfully through our campus? Berries! Always ask a grownup before eating anything you find! 🙂

We can use our estimation skills all around our campus

Sharing our stories through movement and acting with our Middle School Teman Teman

Learning about and sharing traditional Balinese Galungan treats!


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