Term 2 Week 2 – Kindergarten – ‘Be the best you can be!’

The week in Kindy has been wonderful filled with exciting adventures.

A Coral Art Presentation and Thank You Cards

Courtney Mattison is a self-proclaimed ocean “artivist” who creates large-scale ceramic coral reef installations.  Courtney has a background in marine ecology and strives to create art that will educate people about coral reef conservation.  Courtney was here in Bali to unveil her latest work, a 30 foot long installation at the CTC (Coral Triangle Center) in Sanur!

PW ball skills

This week in PW children were having fun with balls. All children can benefit from rolling, throwing, catching, kicking, and dribbling balls. These activities improve motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and timing.

Story time

I can read here I can read there I can read anywhere!

story on the bridge,

story in the reading corner,

story standing,

story sitting,

story dreaming,

oh how I love a story.


A call to Earth! We are on a journey to visit Earth. Kindy are creating their own special planets with individual characteristics. Soon the children will be exploring their environment at Green School in order to discover gifts from the Earth. The Kindy space travellers will then transport the gifts that they have chosen back to their planets. The exploration during this thematic is focused on actively allowing our children to experience how diverse and wonderful our Earth can be.

We have been making planets, painting and creating textured surfaces. Our next steps will be to hang our planets as an instillation in the top Kindy classroom.

Teman Teman with Grade 4

Look how fast our community is growing. We have now started our new Teman Teman with grade 4 and we are looking forward to spending more time together in and around the classroom.

Drop in surprise with handpan

During the week Kindy was spoiled with a surprise handpan drop in visit by one of our Kindy mommies. The handpan or “hang” is a convex steel drum is played with the hands and tuned with multiple notes. What a mesmerising sound this elegant instrument can produce!  We hope that these drop in visits will inspire our community to share their knowledge and passions with us more often.

Nature art colour wheel

What a natural mystery if you start thinking about colours that can be found in nature. Kindy was invited by Ibu Gena from Primary Art to contribute to a crazy massive nature inspired colour wheel. A colour wheel or colour circle is an abstract illustrative organisation of colour hues around a circle, which shows the relationships between primary colours, secondary colours, tertiary colours etc. However have you ever made this with only natural materials? This was indeed a wonderful experience.

Assembly Oceanographer – Sylvia Earle

“Observe the world closely and report back exactly what you have found” Sylvia Earle (presenting at Green School assembly 2018). These words spoken by Sylvia Earle during assembly and will still linger long.

Microscopes, wonderings and a growing nature corner

Scientific inquiry provides the opportunity for children to develop a range of skills, either explicitly or implicitly. “Be the best you that you can be”, a lesson learned from a remarkable woman.  “Vision is not seeing things as they are but as they will be” Sylvia Earle . As children of the earth we were reminded that we can have a positive impact on inevitable change by carefully observing, and then intervening at the right time. The following diagram makes the process visible that children go through as they explore and discover:

During the week a microscope was shared by one of our Kindy friends. The microscope was more than just a tool to be used. It opened various dialogue about how the different parts work as well as what could be seen under the lens. There were multiple discussions about the various options that can be used to zoom in further. What a lovely opportunity to see predictions made and tested.

As the morning progressed it was evident that scientific inquiry was naturally happening around the table.  Now knowing that scientific inquiry provides the opportunity for children to develop a range of skills, either explicitly or implicitly. The following is one such list:

  1. Explore objects, materials, and events.

  2. Raise questions.

  3. Make careful observations.

  4. Engage in simple investigations.

  5. Describe (including shape, size, number), compare, sort, classify, and order.

  6. Record observations using words, pictures, charts, and graphs.

  7. Use a variety of simple tools to extend observations.

  8. Identify patterns and relationships.

  9. Develop tentative explanations and ideas.

  10. Work collaboratively with others.

  11. Share and discuss ideas and listen to new perspectives.

It is powerful to know that our children are able to transform their everyday inquiry into something meaningful.

Halloween preparation during the week making bags, spiders and webs

Halloween is done and dusted. A week well spent with a lot of preparation and collaboration.

Old lady that is not afraid

We had a visit from an Old Lady Who Is Not Afraid Of Anything! It was a lovely surprise to be visited by Ibu Audrey, one of our school community members that can and she told her story to Early Years during break.

Green studies pumpkin carving

Pak Brett and Ibu Sumarni was all prepared with pumpkins ready for us to have a sensory exploration.


Thank you to those who have emailed permission for our TK Gopal project. If you haven’t done so yet it would be great to have your responses by Monday Morning.

Key Dates:

Dance week  – 12th – 16th November

Bamboopalooza –  Friday 16th November

School closed for a PD day – Monday 19th November

School closed  for Maulid Nabi, The Prophet Muhammad’s birthday – Tuesday 20th November

Full Moon Ceremony – Thursday 22nd November

Early Years Indonesian Assembly – Wednesday 5th December  at 9:00 AM.

Have a great weekend,

The Kindy Team


Karen Worth, 2010: Science in Early Childhood Classrooms: Content and Process (ecrp.illinois.edu/beyond/seed/worth.html)


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