Term 2, Week 5

We had a wonderfully busy and full week, so we wanted to share some photos of the latest happenings. Please enjoy the below photos from last week!

Brainstorming efficient ways to count same-sized groups in math class

Making gratitude lists in our Mindfulness notebook

Using our measurement skills to find items we estimate to be around a meter tall

Finishing touches on our clock faces

Marking lines in various centimeter increments for our Mikado game pieces

Working with middle school buddies to make our own meter sticks from bamboo

Learning to play Bahasa Snakes and Ladders

Learning to draw detailed animal sketches in Green Studies in preparation for recording discoveries in nature

Using our measurement skills to make Mikado sticks (a game similar to Pick Up Sticks where each stick is worth a certain amount of points)

Our finished clocks!

Reminders for the week

Tuesday: PE!

Friday: Library!

Rainy season is upon us and so please remind the children to bring a rain coat, mosquito repellant, and some might even consider a change of clothing helpful.

Home Learning: our young students are practicing skip counting as a strategy for problem solving. Please support them by skip counting every chance you get. You can work on numbers up 12. (Skip counting means “counting by ___,” for example, “skip counting by 2s” means counting 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12….)

Let’s have a great week!

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