Term 3 Week 1 – Starlings – Welcome Back Everyone and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Dear Parents and Friends,

Welcome back to the start of a New Year and new term! We hope everyone had a good break over the holidays and returns rested, refreshed and ready to engage anew.

Term 3 has started with a week full of joy and fun. It was so nice to see our returning friends back to Green School and to connect with more new friends! Welcome to Max, Benji, Aidan, Balthasar, Shota, and Gabi to our Starling Darlings family!

The Starlings have shared many stories about their fantastic holidays. They drew and told their teachers and friends about what they did over their vacations. All of the students had amazing holidays!

In this term, our overarching thematic unit is “Gaia”. The Starlings will explore a lot about “All Around The World”. This week, the Starlings began to discover the diversity of food and animals. Look at these food pictures and you may ask your child if they still remember what the names of the foods are and where does the food come from?

The Starlings learned there are many kinds of food from all over the world. They understand that food in one country will be different in another country. On our nature walk, the students went to the kitchen and met Ibu Ida, the head of the kitchen. We asked about our lunch menu for that day and it was gado-gado, a traditional Indonesian dish. They then continued on their nature walk to visit the Living Food Lab, Green Warung, and Kul Kul Farm Stand to see what kind of foods and drinks they have. We then discussed what was their favorite food and if they had tried any food from the warung that we had visited that day.

During an art and craft activity, the Starlings created a pizza. They counted out the toppings which were colour coordinated to create their own pizzas. The Starlings also talked about the colours in Bahasa Indonesia and counted how many toppings they put on their pizzas.

The Starlings explored the diversity of animals from all around the world. Those animals were starlings (jalak bali) from Indonesia, pandas from China, kangaroos from Australia, camels that are abundant in desserts, and also orangutans from Indonesia.

Green Studies: Ibu Nicolene and Ibu Pera introduced a variety of insects and animals to Starlings with a puppet show entitled “Animal Contest”. The story was about how the insects can camouflage. They also had a great experience to observe and touch a praying mantis and a beetle.

Yoga: In our first yoga session after the holidays, we introduced some fundamental yoga poses, such as downward facing dog, cobra, bridge, mountain, frog and tree. We were challenged to try namaste frog pose with our hands behind our backs, in a deep squat and walking around our mat. The children also focused on the Warrior 1, 2, and 3 poses which were then incorporated them into “I Am Yoga” song.

To celebrate our students who turned 5 over the holidays, we made a birthday tunnel for them to crawl through. After that, the teachers made a tunnel so all of the children could have a turn to travel through the tunnel. Lots of smiles and giggles!

P.W. Pak Garrett and Pak Putu started the class by warming up with freeze dance. They then played games including “Pacman” and “What’s The Time Mr. Wolf?”.

Music: The Starlings learned two new songs, “Mr. Sun” and “Mountain” with Ibu Jamie and Pak Aris.

Bahasa and Budaya Indonesia: The Starlings learned some new vocabulary about buah-buahan (fruits). They played Bingo by finding the corresponding pictures of buah based on Ibu Susan’s instructions. They were also introduced to a new song about buah-buahan.

“Banana banana itu pisang.

Mangosteen mangosteen itu manggis.

Pineapple pineapple itu nanas.

Watermelon ee ee itu semangka.”

In Budaya Indonesia class, Ibu Devi read a folktale story from West Java about the journey of Putri Kandita (Princess Kandita) from being a royal princess to becoming the Lord of the seas.

On Friday, the Early Years celebrated the Chinese New Year by having a carousal of fun activities. There were 4 stations with different teachers in varied spaces. The groups included mixed ages with children from all of the Early Years classes to encourage community building and diversity. There were special mystery guests, Max’s family and Jill’s family. They came to teach us how to do Chinese Calligraphy and how to draw a rat using black ink. Thank you so much for sharing your cultural traditions with us!

Puppet show about the story of the animals in the Chinese calendar.

Making a giant dragon.

Making an envelope and drawing the wishes to put inside it.

Teman-Teman. Starlings Merah and Starlings Putih were making more connections in Teman-Teman (buddies/friendship) activity. They made a Chinese fortune tree with finger stamps in pairs.

Cooking Class: The Starlings Merah cooked a Chinese Indonesian dish called kwetiau. They helped the teachers to chop the vegetables carefully.

Chinese New Year art and craft.

More activities in the classroom:

Key Dates:

27th January – “Meet and Greet” from 3:30-4:30 in your child’s classroom. This is a casual social gathering and offers the opportunity to come mingle with the families and teaching team. Please feel free to bring a dish to share but this is also not required. We hope you can come mingle!

14th February – V day / Love Day

19-20th February – Galungan Holiday – School closed

26 February – Early Years Potluck Breakfast in Kindy from 8:15-9:30

Thank you so much for all the encouragement and support in our first week. Have a restful and fun weekend everyone! See you on Monday or some time soon!

Best wishes,

The Starlings Team

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