Term 3 Week 2

Dear Parents and Friends,

“Make new friends and keep the old,                                                                                                                                         One is silver and the other is gold…”

We have just finished our second week of Semester 2 in Green School Early Years. The students have become more settled in their environment with a lot of friends all around. This Monday morning, the Geckos had a special visit from Grade 5 Merah. They were coming for the “Teman-teman” (Friends/Buddies) program. This is a special time in which two different grades join up and do activities together. We were having so much fun playing with our toys, making art projects and reading books together.

Every Monday after Circle Time, the Geckos visit the library. Ibu Ayu Rosita, our Librarian, and Pak Andy, our library assistant, help the children during Library time. Ibu Ayu always reads them a story as the opening and then the children choose a book for the classroom and browse the books in the library.

After playground time on Monday, the Geckos had a chance to visit the Primary Drama Room to have a special class with Ibu Marvelina and Ibu Prenny, the Drama Teachers. Ibu Marvelina told the children about her invisible friend named Timmy who is a mouse. This was an imaginative way for the the children and teachers to introduce themselves. We pretended that Timmy was crawling under our legs and we had to lift up our legs one by one and say our name.

The Geckos were challenged to change a large piece of fabric and a marker into any animal or anything they could imagine. Some examples of what the fabric became are a giraffe, surfboard, a mermaid, a butterfly and a frog. For the marker, they pretended that it was a banana, a chocolate and a lollipop.

Ibu Marvelina and Ibu Prenny also introduced a game called Animal Freeze Dance. When the music started, we danced or walked as our favorite animal. When the music stopped, we needed to freeze. This activity also supported the Geckos new thematic unit, “Amazing Animals”. After the animal dance, the children tried one more activity with music. Ibu Marvelina asked them to pretend to be happy or sad and then to dance following the music.

This week the Geckos explored “Jungle Animals” through art and stories. This is also part of our thematic learning “Amazing Animals”. The Geckos created their own snake. The students were working hard to cut and follow the spiral line on the plate. Even though it was a bit tricky to cut, the Geckos were all trying with no hesitation. After the children finished cutting, they colored it with any colors that they like. We now have a rainbow snake, a white snake, a blue snake, and other snakes on display in our classroom.

Pak Brett and Ibu Dessy came for Green Studies. We went on a short walk and planted sunflower seeds, as well as watering the garden. Pak Brett also introduced a game to the Geckos called “Find the Plants”. He gathered different kinds of leaves, such as fern, lemongrass, ginseng, papaya and lavender. Those leaves were displayed on a piece of fabric. In this game, the students were challenged to find the same leaves as the ones that Pak Brett put on the fabric.  The students observed those leaves for 30 seconds before Pak Brett covered it. This game was a very good way to enhance our memory skills and maintain a focused attention.

Please pay attention to his hands.

Do you know what that sign is used for?

On Wednesday, the Geckos had P.W. Class with Pak Garrett and Pak Putu on the soccer field since the Gym was still under construction. Pak Garrett showed the Geckos the instructions by using hand signals. Holding up 3 fingers which look like the letter “W” means water break. Pak Garrett and Pak Putu led the children for “Musical sports”. When the music played, the students ran around. They could do freestyle dance on their own as well as jumping, skipping and hopping. When the music turned off, the children needed to do 3 star jumps. The teachers told the Geckos the new way to do star jumps. First “IN”, stand up straight like a pencil, and then “OUT” when you jump and put your feet out and open your arms wide. Another game is the Geckos had to keep eye on Pak Garrett, so when the music was on, the children needed to follow the movements that he did. When the music stopped, they had to do 3 star jumps again. At the end of the class, the teachers gave the students a chance to “Shout Out”. In this time, the students and teachers can say something they observed about the class on that day.

Hurray… finally our Gym is ready, and we are ready for the stations.

On Thursday, the Gym opened for P.W. class. Pak Garrett and Pak Putu set up 3 sport stations for the children that included a jumping or bouncing station, a ball station, and Zigzagging.

Organized by Ibu Sanne, we had a visit from special EY Green Educator Course participants from China on Wednesday. They came as our “Mystery Guests”, bringing materials from China to help the children make lanterns to celebrate Chinese New Year.

For Budaya Indonesia, Ibu Par told the Geckos about the Balinese New Year called Nyepi which is coming in March. The famous thing about Nyepi is the Ogoh-ogoh, which is a big giant statue made as a symbol to scare away the evil. In our amazing community, we are going to have an Ogoh-ogoh parade and every class will make an Ogoh-ogoh for the parade. The Geckos drew the design for the Ogoh-ogoh, and the theme for the Ogoh-ogoh this year is “Air”. So please be patient to see what kind of Ogoh-ogoh we will make.

Something white and crunchy is yummy….. this week, the Geckos made popcorn ( Jagung Brondong) for cooking class. The Geckos helped to make the popcorn. There is a unique way to make it and here are the steps; First, heat the oil and put only 5 corn kernels in it. Turn off the stove and the children together with the teachers counted from 1 to 30 to make those 5 kernels pop. Secondly, after all 5 popped, add some more kernels and turn on the stove and wait again until all pop. The popcorn is ready. Waiting is not always boring, especially waiting for our popcorn.  See how excited those faces are waiting for the popcorn to get ready?!  Oops, don’t forget to add a little bit of salt, and also you can sprinkle with brown sugar to make it more delicious (enak).

Playground time is one of the favorite times for the children to explore the outdoor environment and have fun playing together with classmates as well as the other classes (Kindy and Starlings).

Pak Brett, Pak Dan (a new Music teacher) and Ibu Dessy, our new intern, all came for Music class today. The Geckos were singing together and played with clapping patterns. Starting from next week, the Geckos will have some changes to the timetable. Cooking class has moved to Tuesday and Music class on Friday. Drama class will be on Mondays.

“Namaste” is our greeting and farewell in Yoga Class to show our respect to others and also showing our love.

Yoga Class is always fun and exciting with our lovely yoga teacher, Ibu Cherry.  Ibu Cherry challenged the Geckos to pass a ball to the friend next them by using their hands and then their feet. We also warmed up by singing “Old MacDonald” and “The Wheels on the Bus” while matching the lyrics to yoga poses and other stretches. The students also followed the instructions of a “Stretching Song” as well as playing Yoga Freeze Dance. Some of the poses explored today were frog, downward facing dog, cat, tiger, happy baby, cobra, and candle pose.

School will be closed next Tuesday, February 5, in observance of the Chinese New Year. We will welcome the Year of Pig and bid farewell to the Year of the Dog. “Happy Chinese New Year” (GONG XI FAT CAI). Our Early Years Potluck Breakfast will be held on Tuesday, February 12, from 8:15-9:30 am in the Kindy area. Please bring something to share and we hope to see you there! Thank for your support. We are very excited to see you back on Monday.


The Geckos


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