Term 3 Week 8

Dear Parents and Friends,

“Fee, fi, fo, fum! Watch out everyone… Here I come…”

We started our new thematic lesson entitled “Fairy Tales”. This week, the Geckos explored the story “Jack and the Beanstalk”. The students were introduced to this story through hand puppets. Then, we worked together to make a tall beanstalk art and craft from recycled and natural materials. The Geckos painted the toilet paper rolls and stuck some leaves on it. Then we created a castle on a cloud to put on top of the beanstalk.

The Geckos had so much fun during Drama Class this week with Ibu Prenny. The children were introduced to a new game called “Copy Cats”. In this game, the students had to copy the movements as well as the sounds performed by the teacher and their friends. The Geckos are always excited to go and visit our school’s library to meet Ibu Ayu and Pak Andy and of course to get some books to share for the classroom.

Pak Brett and Pak Made came for Green Studies this week. Our specialist teachers took the Geckos on a little adventure to find some bamboo for our teepee as well as visiting the garden to water the plants. We found an empty bird nest laying on the ground near our garden. Hopefully the birds will find a home safely up high in the trees.

In cooking class this week, the Geckos made “ Bubur Sumsum Hijau” (Green Rice Flour Porridge) with melted brown sugar for the topping. The children were super excited to help and participate in all the steps to make the “Bubur Sumsum”. We used the natural colors from “pandan” and “suji” leaves. The Geckos had the experience to taste and smell the ingredients, such as salt and the pandan leaves.

Pak Garrett is back! In P.W. class this week, Pak Garrett and Pak Putu featured a new game. In this game, the teachers challenged the Geckos to put their own orange cones around the Gym. At the same time, the teachers prepared the tennis balls. Each student got one tennis ball and when the music started, the students had to balance the tennis balls on the top of the cone. The teachers also prepared the beanbags for this game and the students had to do the same thing as the tennis balls. Using beanbags can be harder for them, but they kept trying with no hesitation. For the other P.W. class, Pak Garrett and Pak Putu set up various sport stations, for example, crawling, throwing and balancing.

For Bahasa Indonesia with Ibu Par, the Geckos were introduced to new vocabulary words related to vegetables. The Geckos learned about “jagung” (corn), “wortel” (carrot), “kembang kol” (cauliflower), “brokoli” (broccoli) and “bayam” (spinach). Ibu Par also combined the Budaya Indonesia (Indonesian Culture) with Bahasa Indonesia to explore more words about food through the story, “Monyet dan Kura-kura” (The Monkey and the Turtle).

Pak Brett and Pak Dan came for our music class this week. Pak Brett and the Geckos sang the baby song for Pak Dan as he was pretending to be a baby while he sat down in the middle of the circle. Pak Dan and Pak Brett also introduced the students to a new song, “The Grand Old Duke of York” as well as movements to match the lyrics. Pak Brett and Pak Dan challenged the Geckos to move slowly, move faster and then as fast as they could for this song. The children were so excited to follow all of the movements for this song.

The Geckos had so much fun Yoga Class with Ibu Sarah since Ibu Cherry was having a baby blessing ceremony. The students introduced their names to Ibu Sarah by showing their own yoga pose, one by one, around the circle. Ibu Sarah introduced us to a new game called “Leader Game”. The Geckos had to sit up straight like a mountain and connect their feet with a friend. Ibu Sarah also set up another activity called “Yoga Toes”.  When Ibu Sarah tapped the students on their shoulders, they started to walk over and pick up the pompoms with their toes. In this yoga game, the students really had to be focused to use their own toes to get as many pompoms as possible while balancing on one foot. No hands were needed in this game. The Geckos also played “Yogi Says”, which is similar to “Simon Says”.  In this game, the children had a turn to be the yoga teacher and lead the game. Some examples of the poses that we tried were elephant, unicorn, tree, cobra, monkey, seated meditation, frog, warrior, bird and downward facing dog.

It is always so much fun to play outside after the rain was pouring down.  You can see the beautiful puddle! It made our playground more wild.

Thank you for all your support. Our SLC (Student Led Conferences) will be on Friday, March 22. Please mark your calendars for this day and let us know if you will be attending or not. There will be a 50 minute session inside the classroom for your child to demonstrate their learning to you. You also have the options to visit the Gym, the garden outside of the upper Kindy class as well as the Drama studio for some examples of Specialist lessons. We look forward to seeing you back on Monday. Have a great and relaxing weekend.

*Our apologies for the late post. The blog was ready to be uploaded on Friday but we experienced technical difficulties and were unable to post until Monday.

Warm regards,

The Geckos


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