Term 3 Week 9

Dear Parents and Friends

On our Thematic Lesson this week “ the Geckos were explored about the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bear.  This story was explored through hand puppet and story telling.

On our library time this weeks the geckos were so excited to visit our library, choose their favorite book to share for the class.

The Geckos had so much fun during Drama Class this week with Marvelina and Ibu Prenny.  The Geckos were introduced to a new game “Whispering Game”. In this game the teacher whispered the clue to the students and the students need to model the clue, and their friends has to guess the movement. The Geckos also experienced to “shadow puppet” (wayang) as well as they were having a chance to be behind the screen and play the shadow puppet by them self.

This truly our “Magic House” during our play time the Geckos were had so much fun to explored our classroom, they were changed our magic house as a laundry and a house to have their very own Christmas Party.

Pak Brett, Ibu Dessy and Pak Made came for Green Studies this week. The Geckos were experienced for gardening, as well as watering the plants and created a sign for our Garden.

Cooking class this week the Geckos cooked “Tahu Isi” (Tofu with vegetables inside) the vegetables we used such as; “kol” (cabbage), “wortel” (carrot), “toge” (sprout) and “seledri” (celery). The geckos were helping to cut the wortel and kol, and help the teacher to wash the knife and the cutting board.

On our P.W Class this week Pak Garrett and Pak Putu  set up the stations.  The stations were; balancing, crawling, throwing and balancing.  These stations were good to maintain their focus attention, and also improve their motor skill.

Welcome to Student Led Conference

SLC (Students Led Conferences) was our highlights of this week. Seeing exciting faces full of smiles and joy. The students proudly showing their activity during school hours to their parents. The geckos been practised and do some preparation for this day.

Thank you so much for all your kind support, thank you for coming to our SLC and make it run smoothly. Kindly reminder the Geckos Field Trip to Bali Bird Park will be on Tuesday, March 26. Please pack snack, lunch, spare clothes, sunscreen or hat for your children on this day. We are very excited to see you back on Monday. Have a relaxing and nice weekends.

Warms Regards

The Geckos


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