Term 4 week 5

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile,

but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

― Thich Nhat Hanh

Dear Parents and Friends

Hope you all had a wonderful Saraswati Festival last Saturday and continued with the peaceful and relaxing Sunday. The Geckos began the week with joy and excitement as we were joined by our Grade 1 Merah friends for reading and pla time during Teman Teman.

Another play date

What a fun week as the Geckos has another play date with Grade 2 Putih. The students were so happy to spend some time together both inside the classroom and the outside in our playground. Towards the end, the Grade 2 children shared their drawings and combined into a book for us. Thank you Grade 2 Putih.

Drama Class with Ibu Prenny

We learnt a Traditional Game called ” Meong- meong” cat and the mouse. Since this song is chosen as our Emergency song instead singing the Meong- meong song we are singing the “Juru Pencar Song”  the fisherman that goes to the beach to catch some big fish.

The song goes like this…..

Juru pencar juru pencar

Mai jalan mencar ngejuk ebe

Be gede gede

Be gede gede

Di sawana ajaka liu

Cooking Class “Es Buah” Mix fruits with ice

Our cooking class is always very exciting as the Geckos have so much fun at each stage of the  process. The students happily helped the teachers to prepare the utensils and cutting board before the class starts, and got busy slicing the mango “mangga”, watermelon “semangka”, pineapple “nanas” and also scooping the avocado “alpukat”. Yummy!

Green Studies & PW classes

Pak Brett took the Geckos to our “Kembali”  reuse, recycle and reduce center to get some boxes to create something cool for our Assembly.  You will see during our Indonesian assembly!

Taking care of our plants at the garden.

What’s  the time Mr. Wolf….??

Its P. W Class

Pak Garrett and Pak Putu played ‘What’s the time Mr. wolf’ with squeals of delight from the children. Try it at home!

Budaya Indonesia ( Indonesian Cultural)

In Budaya Class this week Ibu Par prepared a traditional game called ” Cublak-cublak Suweng”. Cublak-cublak suweng is a simple traditional game that usually played by Javanese children in Indonesia. It’s simple because we don’t need complex equipments, just a small gravel. Cublak- cublak suweng is played by three or more children, one of them kneel on the floor and close his/her eyes while others sitting around and putting their hands on the back of child who is kneeling. They start to sing cublak-cublak suweng song together, at the same time a small gravel is moved from hand to hand. The song is going like this…

Cublak-cublak suweng (Come on, guess where the treasure is stored)

Suwenge ting gelenter (The treasure reputedly scattered)

Mambu ketundung gudhel (News about the location already spread even to narrow minded people )

Pak gempo lerak-lerek (Wise people also looking around)

Sopo ngguyu ndelekakhe (Who is laughing, he has hidden the treasure)

Would you please sing a long with us??


Abiyoyo, Abiyoyo, Abiyoyo, Abiyoyo, Abiyoyo, yoyoyo, yoyoyo, Abiyoyo, yoyoyo, yoyoyo

This week Music Class Pak Brett, Pak Dan and Ibu Dessy came to our classroom and had lots of fun singing the “Abiyoyo” song. All the students love to sing this song as they were showing their funny expression while they were singing along with the teachers.

Yoga Class


The Geckos love their weekly Yoga and are improving their body strength each week.  This week Ibu Sarah prepared a yoga game called “Yoga Toes”. She also displayed some Yoga Card for the Geckos. They have to demonstrate the poses on card. They were practicing some poses such as; mountain pose, tree pose, cobra pose, downward facing dog, boat pose, airplane pose and warrior pose.

Last but not least , we hope you all are having a great time and relaxing weekends.   Regarding my previous email please kindly remember that our Early Years Indonesian Assembly is coming next  Wed, May 22nd at Kindy area at 9: 00 am. We would like to ask you to pack 1 t-shirt with these kind of colours on the list below please:

1: Brown or Grey                     2. Black/ Orange   3. Yellow/ Black  4. Black Or Dark • Coco                                             Julius                        Mark                    Ela • Lania                                           Django                       Alisa                    Logan • Eva Deia                                     Noah                         Dusty                   Casilda • Clementine                                Victor                       Oliver                  Olivia • Lola • Haven • Layla

Thank you so much for your kind attention Best Regards The Geckos Team


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