Term 4 Week 7!! Shazam…..

“Reading brings us unknown friends” – Honoré de Balzac-

Dear Parents and Friends

Moving on from our magical Early Years Indonesian Assembly last week and we are super proud of all the students with all their effort to be on the stage and perform in front of the Early Years Community.

This week was also full of excitement and joy. Especially during our last Drama Class of this term as they were so happy and had so much fun pretending to be a Magician. Each of them got a turn and hold the magic wand say the magic word ” I am a magician and I will turn you into a cat, dog, snake, ect” Shazam….…

The art of a magician is to create wonder.

If we live with a sense of wonder, our lives become filled with joy.

Doug Henning

We are all so grateful that Ibu Marvelina and Ibu Prenny donated their time to the Early Years children and teachers this Semester. What an amazing gift to see you in action and observe the joy and wonder from our students in classes with you. You are truly amazing and we are blessed to have had this time with you. Can’t thank you enough. We love you Ibu Marvelina and Ibu Prenny.

P.W Class

We were super excited for our P.W Class this week as we played with the balls at the soccer field, throwing the bean bags into the goals and also hoping and jumping through the stations prepared by Pak Putu and Pak Garrett.

Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday Dear Noah and Ela Happy Birthday to You.

Are you 1?

Are you 2?

Are you 3?

Are you 4?


This week our friends Noah and Ela celebrated their birthdays. The Geckos were super excited to sing the happy birthday song for both of them. They both have their birthday on the same day.  We wish them a wonderful happy birthday and thank you for the cake!

Try to catch my tail…. 1,2,3,  Go!!

The geckos were introduced to a new game called ” Catch the tail.” Two or more of the students can play at the same time. One player has a sash tied onto their waist as the tail, and they have to get the other tail to finish the  game.

“In search of my mother’s garden

I found my own.”

-Alice Walker-

This week in Green Science Pak Brett and our Geckos had so much fun taking care of our garden by putting compost on our plants in the Garden. They were so excited to find worms and take care of them!

During our Cooking Class this week the Geckos had so much fun with each stage of cooking preparation from slicing the carrots ” wortel”, mashing the potatoes ” kentang” and slicing the onions “bawang bombay”.  So can you guess what food did we make??

” Perkedel Kentang ” Potatoes Cake.

Time to Fly

In exploring our new thematic “Time to Fly”  the Geckos and Starlings enjoyed a special playdate and enjoyed watching a play by the teachers entitled “Timun Mas” Golden Cucumber.

After that the Starlings gave a a tour to the Geckos around their classroom, as they were excited to be in Starlings Class next year.

Music Class

Music class always bring a lot of smile and fun or the Geckos as they were singing along with Pak Bret, Ibu Dessy and Pak Dan. They learned to clap on the drum as well learning the rhythm “Clave”.   The “Cow” song is still a favourite song in Gecko’s and they often request Pak Dan and Pak Brett as well as Ibu Dessy to sing that song.

Yoga Class

Our lovely Ibu Sarah came for Yoga Class this week. Ibu Sarah started the class with the warm up as the Geckos lay down on their own yoga mat, the students have to raise their whole body if they feel they like the things that mentioned by the teacher. “raise your body if you like; strawberry, ice cream, cake, blueberry, butterflies, trees etc”. The class continued to partner yoga as the geckos had to find a partner to do the pose. The poses they practiced were elevator, double boat, roof top and lizard on the rock. As usual the class ended by the relaxing or Shavasana.

Update of this month:

No school Wed, June 5 – Thurs, June 6 due to Idul Fitri

Gratitude Day Monday, June 10 at Kindy Playground

Kindy Graduation Tues, June 17

Early Years Mud Pit day Wed, June 18

I sometimes think there is nothing so delightful as drawing.

Vincent van Gogh

Have a great weekends. We look forward to see you back on Monday.

The Geckos Team


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