Dear community,

What a week, what a celebration! Joy and inspiration, connections and sharings, learning and teaching.

Sustainable Solutions combined with 10 year anniversary was a big success. Every Green School community stakeholders has take part of the preparation and organization. It really reflects what Green School is. A community of learners making our world sustainable.

Time for thank you’s. Without all these people and teams, this event would not have been the same.


Event’s team for months of preparation, research, creative actions all the way to the end, pro-action, quick reactions and dedication…. ACTIVATION!

Operation team. for sure, without them the event could NOT have happened. Working so hard, always finding solutions with patience and smile, moving things around, up and down… and much more

All volunteers for coming from far sometimes but dedicated to helping in any and every possible directions and being inspired… and much more

IT team for facilitating the moving of equipment, finding ways to solve problems while accommodating everyone… and much more

Kembali for the wastes management on the event’s site, workshops and all kinds of upcycled items… and much more

Bio-Bus for covering daily transportation to and from the site, workshops and the carbon footprint follow up… and much more

I-hub for facilitating workshops, makiing the sustainable though cute upcycled event’s bracelets,… and much more

– All the GS interns for their dedication and help always with a smile… and much more

KKC for such a creative activity on Wednesday… and much more

Kaline, Maarten and Chris for making the panel discussion’s organization so smooth and easy

Pak Reis for making blood donation organization so easy

Adrian and Arya for your dedication, day and night! to edit, refine, improve the 10 year video until the last minute. Not mentioning all the shootings inbetween…. and much more

Alicia and Manuel for being our amazing reporter during the event, bringing excitement and joy to the social media.

Comms Team for being proactive and highly supportive throughout the event… and much more

Teachers for being so understanding, flexible and most importantly taking an active part in the event, engaging with a positive spirit… and much more

Brett for heaping with the music organization throughout the event with patience and joy… and much more

Pauline for donating one week accommodation in Green Village

Students Village for your patience and flexibility with guests coming, going, not checking in and out… and much more

Sophie Woo for inspiring us with Wednesday’s documentary and donating the fee for the screening.

Ibu Darwi and LSP parents for helping with decoration, for being so positive, helpful with no hesitation never. Such a sunshine to our community!

Ibu Sakura and Ibu Audrey for helping with the kids lounge always with good spirit and patience.

Ibu Carli’s and friends for providing posture checks

Ibu Sophie A. Ibu Liina, Ibu Darwi and Ibu Wida for facilitating workshops,

-Performing artis (Pak Putu Witsen, Ibu Jan and Marimba, GS Choir, Gede Witsen and the accordion player),

-Ibu Sanne and GEC team (being flexible with the venue)

-Ibu Kadek and kitchen team



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