Thank You To Our Parents! Tour Guide Training with Kate Druhan

As part of the Parent Participation Program (PPP), on Monday, 11 September 2017, some parents who voluntarily signed up to be Green School tour guide were being trained by Kate Druhan.

Kate led the group to each tour spot and gave insight on each of the spots. One of her important note is to be authentic by sharing our own personal experience as parents of Green School students to the tour participants, because that’s what make the Green School tour unique.

The tour guide training attended by approx. 30 people and it was great to see all the enthusiasm of the all parents from the questions they addressed.

All tour training participant then suggested to join at least 5 tours before leading tour on their own and the Tours Team will provide the routes and highlights on each tour spots. So, please contact them for further follow up on your participation!

Green School Tours is number #2 on tripadvisor, out of 24 best things to do in Abiansemal, Bali! It’s all because Green School Tours offers different experience by showing our sustainable community and environmental friendly architecture to the tour participants.

Thank you again for your participation on our tour guide training!


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