Thanks Everyone! Let’s have Sustainable Holiday!

Holiday is right in front of our eyes! Yey!

We are KemBali team Abid, Eka, Robby, Loecky, and Devi would like to say thank you so much to Pauline as a mentor and supervisor who always guided us in developing KemBali, Sophie who always gave us creative and critical ideas to improve the program, and Baxter for the cooperation in realizing better KemBali Launch. Also Anna who always cheerfully helped us take care of KemBali Bookshelf in Green Warung. Thanks to Ibu Wida too for helping us to clean up KemBali. Terima kasih banyak semuanya! 🙂

Big thanks also given to all parents, students, teachers, staff, GS communities, local communities, and everyone who always support KemBali. Thank you for bringing waste to our recycling center, giving donations, buying thrift things, helping run the programs, and everything!

Our interns has ended their work in this month. Thank you so much to three of you! Hopefully you share and apply everything that you got in KemBali wherever you are. Please always share the green values everywhere to save our environment. Keep doing thing to work towards Zero-Waste! Here are their memories:

Robby in action while KemBali ke Sekolah program

Loecky led the up-cycling extended tour

Devi gave a quiz to local students about waste catagories

Next, we would like also to give some tips for more sustainable holiday to all of you!


  1. Bring your own bags to reduce consumption of plastic shopping bags

  2. Adopt simple packaging and minimize of gift wrapping (make your own wrapping paper or go without)

  3. Choose more durable products. Think twice before shopping to avoid purchasing unnecessary items.

  4. Buy food and drink without plastic wrap

  5. Use reusable tableware during parties and gatherings (no plastic plates and cups), also avoid excessive food

  6. Make sure no food leftovers go to waste

  7. Buy an actual tree for your Christmas tree


  1. Use your old Christmas decorations and store it to be used in following year

  2. Donate unwanted gifts and stuff


  1. Recycle or compost your Christmas tree

  2. Compost your food leftovers

  3. Separate all recyclable materials/waste and put them in recycling bins

Another tips:

  1. Add organic and local food  to your holiday feast

  2. Get a pesticide-free tree

  3. Give experiential gifts (no need to go shop and wrap! It’s better give gifts that can be experienced, such as: go to concert, ticket to play game, a zoo or museum membership, or even homemade dinner)

We hope these tips from us are useful. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018! Less waste, holiday cheers!!


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