The 2nd Week in 3B

Dear all families,

This week in Thematic, the students are learning about Telling Time. The students are working collaboratively with grade 3A. They are divided into 4 smaller groups based on their knowledge about time. They are: How tell time, half past, quarter to/past, time interval and small increments. At the end of the week, the students are working on building their own clock with their design using material provided by the teachers. This project is one week project, which should be finished on Friday next week. In Literacy, the students are learning about capital letters, sentences stretching and paragraph construction. In Math, the students continue their learning in rounding and have started working on converse operation in addition and subtraction. In Bahasa Indonesia, we spent this week reading some books in the language. This activity aimed to enrich their vocabulary and sentence structure in Bahasa Indonesia .This is done to support their project in writing their family book. In Indonesian Culture- we changed our planning from learning the Balinese house to Galungan celebration, as the day is coming next week. The students are learning about what Balinese people are doing before, during and after the day. They also have tried some Balinese food that usually served during the holy day.

Next week Thematic: Telling time assessment and continue building the clock. Literacy: Non- Fiction Writing – Brainstorming ideas before composing. Math : Continue on converse operation in addition and subtraction Bahasa Indonesia: Reading week, reading independent/ partner reading , reading comprehension and Continue the family book – finishing stage Indonesian Culture : GALUNGAN DAY (No SCHOOL)

Upcoming events Mon, Oct 30- Dressed up day. All Green School students and staff are invited to come in costume on Monday October 30th (date change from Friday November 3rd). There will be a whole school assembly at 14:30, where costumes can be seen and celebrated. Children can dress-up in any way they wish, or not at all if they prefer not to. Please help your children follow our Primary School costume guidelines: 1) No weaponry of any description – no fake swords, sticks, guns, etc. 2) No gore – let’s not scare our younger student-friends! Here are the categories for the awards: – Most sustainable costume – Cutest costume – Most creative costume – Grade level with the most people in costume – Best group costume – Best individual costume

Tue, Oct 31 and Wed, Nov 1- GALUNGAN DAY- NO SCHOOL. Friday, Nov 3rd FULLMOON CEREMONY. Dear Parents, We are writing to inform you about the upcoming Primary Full Moon Ceremony to take place next FRIDAY, NOV 3rd beginning at 8:30am promptly at the Green School Temple in the Heart of School. Primary students and staff will come together to celebrate and each person will get a packet of kwangen (flowers wrapped in banana leaves) as an offering and holy water and bija (rice) will be distributed by the Balinese ceremony leaders. These celebrations are practiced out of respect for the culture of the island on which we live. Students should go to their classrooms as normal at 8:10 on the morning of the ceremony. Classes will walk together to the Heart of School and should be seated quietly, shoeless and as a class at the temple by 8:20am promptly. All students and staff participating should wear a sarong, a sash, an udeng (traditional hat for boys) or a kebaya (traditional lace shirt for girls). It would be best if students came dressed in their traditional ceremonial clothing and brought a change of clothes in their bags for afterwards. We look forward to celebrating together.

Have a relaxing weekend.

Best regards,

3B team

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