The 3rd Week in 3B

Dear parents and families,

In this short week, the students are continuing their plan in making their own clock during their Thematic. They are brainstorming some ideas for the style of their clock. At the end of the week, they are working together with the help of the Middle School students to design their draft by drawing the axis using compasses.

In Literacy, the students are continuing to explore some Non-fictional stories and getting some ideas to write.

In Math, the students are working on the reverse operation in multiplication. We have done some activities in and out the classroom to deepen the understanding of the concept taught.

In Bahasa Indonesia, we are continuing our family book project and it is nearly finish.

Next week:

Thematic: Finishing the draft and start working on the actual face of the clock.

Math : Multiplication and Division in a form of arrays.

Literacy: Organizing the ideas of Non-fictional writing

Bahasa Indonesia: Moving in “Green School, Sekolahku” topic. This will last till December break. The students are going to learn about schools stuff and school activities. Cultural infusion about how schools are in the country is going to be introduced as well. This week we are going to focus on things in the classroom, reviewing classroom instructions, prepositions and there is/are.

Indonesia Studies: Kuningan. The ceremony to end the procession of Galungan day.

Terima kasih.

Best regards,

3B Team.

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