The Biggest Bamboo Seedling Planting in Green School

Two days ago, Ibu Harriet and 18 High School students helped The Bamboo Nursery team to clear and adding more space, also they learned how to plant a bamboo seedling.

How to get the seedling? First, we cut the mature bamboo. Second, cut the branch that looks fresh and has some roots, this part is to become a seedling! How about the bamboo pole? Don’t worry, we used it for making the net’s pole for shading the baby bamboo.

Beside the nursery, We are creating two compost piles which are from dry leaf and manure. Bamboo seedling not only needs water to grow, but also needs nutrition from the compost, healthy soil, proper moisture and acidity level.

Hopefully, around this month or before the winter break, all the community could join and participate on the biggest bamboo seedling planting in Green School.

Stay Tune and SALAM BAMBOO!

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