The Busiest Farmers’ Market! (so far)

Dear Community,

Last Friday (22/9), was one of our busiest farmers’ market ever (so far)! Students from Jalan-Jalan Farmers’ Market, a team of 13 students, organized vendors meeting before the market start and also a talent show happening during the market.

During the lunch, three students were practicing for the presentation with Ibu Sophie, Ibu Ida, and Ibu Tya. Sharp at 1 pm, vendors were welcomed at the Sangkep where the students were presenting about plastic problem, its impact toward the environment and living thing, and different ways to avoid using plastic in the vendors product.

The market was busy as usual! More than 30 vendors were participating, where it was a mix of old timers and new ones.

At 4 pm, the talent show organized by Jalan-Jalan Farmers’ Market started. Lots of students were actively taking part of it and parents showing their support by being at the Sangkep to watch their children. Participants were very creative indeed! Some of them danced, sang, played music instruments, and also did some gymnastic moves!

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