The End of Term 3

Dear Parents and Friends,

This time we are going to dedicate this page to fully display what we did before our Ogoh ogoh – Ramon- parade.

Enjoy the Ramon journey..

1 The Ideas, which one do you think is the original Ramon?

2. Busy creating Ramon’s structure with Pak Kadek’s help

3. Its not Rambutan Monster without the Rambutan!

4. Geckos worked hard putting on Rambutan skin to Ramon

5. Geckos sprayed red color onto Ramon

6. Ramon is almost ready

7. Geckos practiced to carry Ramon, singing “Ramon, Rambutan monster go this way and that way.. go this way and that..

8. We made our own T-shirt print and Rambutan necklace!

9. Our Parade!!

We hope you that you’ve had a restful holiday spent with family and friends. We missed the children very much and look forward to see them again on Monday..

With Love,

Geckos team


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