The First Week of Term 2 in Grade 3A

Hello Families!

We are so excited to have everyone back from our holiday break. It has been a joyous week of sharing about our adventures and getting back into the routine of school. Term 1 was a wonderful time of getting to know one another and learning (or relearning!) about Green School. As we eased into the transition of being in Bali and being students in the 3A classroom, the children did a great job of adapting to change and being flexible. Term 2 will bring heightened expectations from each student as we now know more about what it means to take ourselves seriously as students of the world. Our new Thematics unit on Measurement will incorporate elements of mathematics, team work, critical thinking, ingenuity, creativity, holistic learning, and more. Home Learning becomes even more important as students adopt a home routine that supports their holistic learning. Below you will find a breakdown of this week so far, though we anticipate our next blog posts to alternate in style from this format to in-depth features. Thanks so much for your feedback on our survey letting us know what you enjoy reading about!

SHIFT Program: Grade 3 started their morning, during Community time, to talk about SHIFT program. SHIFT encourages a life-long commitment towards greater health and well-being, and promotes the idea that health starts with you making small changes for short periods. SHIFT speaks to 4 domains of change, each of which has a colour:  Move,  Pause, Connect,  Nourish. When you pledge to make a specific change for 30 days, you wear a wrist-band (pic attached) in the domain colour of your pledge.  Wrist bands show commitment to SHIFT, allow you to see what SHIFT domain others are working on, and spark conversations about the program. Therefore, children pledge for one thing that they will commit to do in 30 days. Some of them pledge to PAUSE for 30 days with no screens, MOVE for taking their dogs for walk or doing more exercise, CONNECT to nature and animals, and many more.

Thematics: Our new theme, measurement, started this week through students learning about different ways of people measuring things around them using times, weights, lengths, etc. They explored some non-standard ways to measure length using feet, hand spans, and Egyptian cubits. In addition, they also made a water timer from reused bottles, tapes and water. We closed off the week learning about how time is measure through the sun and creating our very own sundials!

Literacy: returning from break, we couldn’t help but hop into writing holiday stories. They got a visit from grade 8 students, their TEMAN-TEMAN (buddies), to help them in drafting their stories and also revising and editing it. We also made time for read aloud and used the story to explore ideas around empathy, what it means to stand up for one another, as well as strategies for sticking up for yourself.

Mathematics: The week focused on estimation and rounding. After practicing strategies for making reasonable estimates, we used our skills to make estimates of the amounts of bamboo poles, blocks, garden rows and color pencils around us. They used their strategies to count (count by twos, fives, or tens) and learned to explain their thinking way.  Communicating our math thinking continues to be an area of focus!

Bahasa and Cultural Class: children have been practicing for their song, a family song, “Keluarga Ku”, and also working on their family book that will be continued next week. They learned how to call family members in Bahasa, ayah/father, ibu/mother, adik/younger sibling, kakak/older sibling, kakek/grandpa, nenek/grandma, paman/uncle, bibi/aunt, sepupu/cousin, and keluarga/family.

This week was also a very special time for one of our children, Jimmy, as he had his eighth birthday on October 16th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jimmy!

We also re-share the Home Learning Menu. Grade 3 Home Learning-Semester 1 2017-2018 Please discuss with your children to pick one of the activities each day from different categories.

Here are some updates for next week:

  1. On Tuesday, 24th October 2017, Grade 3A is going to have their performance. They perform a family song, “Keluarga Ku” during Primary assembly. The assembly starts at 8:20 am to 9 am. Please help your children to dress up for their performance according to their roles from the song. Parents are invited to come and see your children’s performance.

  2. Bamboopalooza this Friday, October 27th, 2017! (Below is the message from Bamboopalooza Team)

Dear Parents and Carers,

We’re looking forward to seeing you at GS Bamboopalooza family festival this Friday, October 27th. There is an early Assembly on Friday, from 13:30-14:00. Parents of Primary students are invited to follow the Walking Gamelan procession out of assembly and into Heart of School (HOS), where they can collect their child from 14:00 onwards and join the Palooza celebrations on the field. Any Primary students not collected early by parents, will stay in HOS, where they can join the dancing, singing and creative activities until regular dismissal at 15:15. At 15:15 G3-G5 students will be dismissed and G1-G3 students will wait for parent/driver pick-up as usual.

  1. On Monday 30th October 2017, It is a Dress-up day. All Green School students and staff are invited to come in costume on Monday October 30th (date change from Friday November 3rd). There will be a whole school assembly at 14:30, where costumes can be seen and celebrated. Children can dress-up in any way they wish, or not at all if they prefer not to. Please help your children follow our Primary School costume guidelines:

1) No weaponry of any description – no fake swords, sticks, guns, etc.

2) No gore – let’s not scare our younger student-friends!

Below are some pictures from this week. Enjoy!

Thank you and have a lovely weekend!

Ibu Yulie, Ibu Dora, and Ibu Anya


Thematic – Measurement


Thematic-Water Timer

Thematic-Water timer




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