The Head of Academics Down Under

G’day, from Adelaide, South Australia!

It is always a wrench for me to take time away from our community, but this week I have been in the ‘land down under’, speaking at a conference of secondary science teachers and researchers. Although I miss my daily-dose of Green School, I love sharing the Green School story.

Our mission as a school: A Community of Learners, Making our World Sustainable is such an exciting purpose to talk about and to lead, from my perch in academics at Green School.  What does that look like in action?  In putting my speech together, I took stock of all that is wonderful and unique about our school. Our teachers, students, campus, programs, projects, our local friends and global friends. All that we have achieved so far and strive for in the future, along our path, as life long learners.

I struggle to find the words to describe Green School. I can speak easily to the tangible and to the easily measurable, but the real magic lies in the feeling, the synergy of all the parts and you, the heart of our community spirit.

With pleasure and pride, I shared with the conference delegates, the ‘Green School Way’. About doing what it takes now, to make a difference in the future. About how advancing our natural sciences education, our project learning, our commitment to being local and our focus on wholistic education and learning, is guiding my way.

I also shared a remark from one of our teachers, “I get to teach from the heart everyday.”  There was a smile on the face of every educator in the room. These feelings of living a life of purpose as educators, are special and powerful, and we get to do this everyday.

Living a life of purpose is also relevant, this week, as we celebrate Kartini Day (Raden Ajeng Kartini).  Read on for an insight into one of Indonesia’s Heroes, in progressing equality in the family and in education, especially for Indonesian women and girls.

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