The Home Stretch- Welcome Back!!! Week 1 & 2 of Term 4!

We can hardly believe that we are in the last quarter of Grade 4 already! It has been a whirlwind of positive energy, tons of laughs, friendships forged and lots of learning! We hope everyone enjoyed their Spring Break holidays and that you are buckled in for the final wild ride to come!

Over the last 2 weeks, we have been really plugging our brains into Multiplication. Memorizing our fast facts for automatic, accurate recall is super-important to our success in multiplying larger numbers and applying the inverse to division. Since we were all having trouble with our 6’s, 7’s and 8’s, we decided to learn the fun way- through song!

4A students wrote their own multiplication songs to memorize in order to learn their times tables. They were funny, cute and catchy… So catchy that the numbers finally started to stick!

Having strong fluency with our basic facts is helping us to successfully multiply 5-digit numbers by 1 and 2 digit numbers. This coming week, we will be applying our knowledge for the inverse operation: Division! Long and short division, here we come!

Check out these multiplication songs we have been singing in class as well! Please allow your child to practice them every single day! 🙂

6x table

7x table

8x table

Collaboration at work!

Our new Teman Teman- Working with the students in 2A! We had our first day of introductions, buddy reading and making art together!

Being goofballs!

Working in partners to explore our atlases and come up with quiz questions for our friends. Our introduction to mapping skills was a blast!

This week’s WAG:

4A’s Week at a Glance

Week of April 16th – 20th

Please ensure that your child brings their cap, water bottle and snack every day!

Sustainable Solutions Week

Please follow this link for more information:

Please bring Library books

Library- Choose novel for novel study

Green StudiesTuesday

No AssemblyPlease bring running shoes for PE

Bahasa Indonesia



Green Studies

All morning Sustainable Solutions activities



Please bring running shoes for Sport


Indonesian Culture



Bahasa Indonesia

Assembly* In field near Marimba stage

ASAs cancelled this week:

With a consideration that we are going to provide a maximum space and time for our students, parents, GS Community and our Faculty to get involved with Sustainable Solution next week, herewith to inform that ASAs will NOT be held on our campus from 16th – 20th April 2018.

However, only very limited After School Activities listed below will keep running next week:

MONDAY, 16th April 2018:

  1. BALI CIRCUS will be held at HOS instead of SANGKEP

  2. VIOLIN CLUB ( grade 3-5) located at YOGA STUDIO

  3. HIP HOP CLUB located at MUSIC ROOM

TUESDAY, 17th April 2018:

  1. BREAKDANCE (Beginner Class) located at Drama Room

WEDNESDAY, 18th April 2018

  1. BAI GYMNASTICS will be held at Gym or Soccer field

THURSDAY, 19th  April 2018

  1. BREAKDANCE (Advanced Class) located at Drama Room


Green Camp news is coming ASAP!

This Week’s Focus:NumeracyMultiplication of 3-5 digit numbers by one and two digit numbers.

Division practice and introduction of short and long division strategies.At Home:·      Basic fact practice (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing)*** HIGH PRIORITY

·      Use mini-books to practice multiplication tables every day! Extra focus on 6’s, 7’s 8’s and 9’s!

·      Multiplication song links (Please encourage your children to keep practicing these!):

6x table

7x table

8x table

Animaniacs 2-dig mult: and Vocabulary words.

Writer’s Workshop- How-to writing and journaling (Adventures of a survivalist journals)

Reading Comprehension- Guided Personal Choice novel study and book bag book report project- Due May 18th (Details of book report to come)At Home:·      Spelling and Vocabulary words on Monday’s document. Look Say Cover Write Check daily practice due Friday.

·      At-home novel reading of assigned novel for novel study for a minimum of 20 minutes per night. Have a dictionary and thesaurus available to use.

·      Write word lists at home! Come up with other (more interesting) ways to say commonly used words like ‘said’ and ‘beautiful’.

·      Write a diary each day or keep a creative writing journal. Add Poetry to daily writing repertoire.ThematicsWe are working on a HUGE variety of Life Skills for this super-interactive and extremely exciting unit!

Skills being covered this unit:

·      Telling time and Reading a Calendar

·      Using a compass, orienteering and mapping skills

·      Seed, plant and animal ID

·      Kindness, manners and moral compass

·      Effective communication skills

·      Household chores and Daily Life Skills

·      Natural dyes and paper-making

·      Weaving and Sewing

·      Fire Safety and Building a fire

·      First aid

·      Knot tying

·      Shelter building

·      Cooking

·      Water Filtration

At Home:Home research of survival skills, life skills and practice at home

Have your child read the time on an analog clock, calculate elapsed time and keep a calendar at homeBahasa IndonesiaTelling time and completing the timetableAt Home:Make a daily routine (schedule) with the time in BahasaIndonesian CultureIndonesian music and Sajojo danceAt Home:Search online for more types of Indonesian music and instruments. Listen to more examples of each type of music and see if you can identify each just by listening to a sample.

Please click on the link below to view the updated school calendar:


We shared in an amazing day of Life Skills, this past Friday. Pictures coming soon! ***

Have a fabulous Sustainable Solutions week!

Our best,

The 4A Team

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