The Importance of Playing for Children



A child’s world is about playing, an activity filled with spontaneity and fun. Playing is an activity which is performed enthusiastically by children around the world. Several child experts also agree that play holds a prominant role in children’s emotional development and learning process. Many skills can be learnt through play, some of which are cognitive and others are part of their social emotional development process.  Play can have a powerful affect a child’s skill development in problem solving, concentration, linguistics and communication, as well as physical development. . The playground is one of the places where play activity can be performed making it the center of our Early Years school.  Being aware of this, we continue to define our playground facility in Green School Early Years. During the fourth week of September, EY teachers concluded a project that we called the “ rainbow project “, where we together painted bright rainbow colors on our playground facilities. Why rainbows? Because we strongly believe that primary colors will enhance the learning process. Bright colors can be optimized to stimulate creativity, to boost spirit and positive thinking, to influence a child’s aesthetic sense, to strengthening a child’s imaginative thinking and to provide motoric stimulation.

This year, we will continue to develop our playground facility as the center for children to perform their play activity.  We will also continue to improve the security of our playground, as well as make it as an enviromentally friendly and sustainable as possible.


Ibu Suci Ratri

 Head of Early Years

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