The last blog of 2A!

Hi 2A community,

We made it! What a full and fruitful year we’ve had in Grade 2A. Our deepest gratitude to you parents as you’ve trusted us with your children this year and for the ways you’ve supported us.

Here’s a few highlights from our last few days…

Creating and playing our own revision games on bahasa words we’ve learnt this year. Games included snakes and ladders, board games and wordsearches.

Sharing wisdom with grade 1s about what to expect in grade 2!

End of year maths quiz in groups covering all we learned over the year. The teams chose maths cards from different pockets worth 100, 200, 300 or 500 points. The result was very close and we celebrated and appreciated each other’s hard work at the end! We even had game show music to set the mood.

Making ‘holiday portraits’. In the sunglasses lens are the things we’re looking forward to doing during the break.

Making cookies and smoothies on our last morning.

Saying farewell to our lovely friends, Amalia, Antonia and Byron. We’ll miss you three so much and are grateful for the friendships we created this year.

All that remains to be said is… have a wonderful break, (read lots, practice some simple addition and subtraction!!), be kind and enjoy each adventure and experience you have.

With love,

Ibu Emma, Ibu Neni and Ibu Risma

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